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@adamdehaven hmmm I don’t think that’s planned

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@adamdehaven yes. All the new shiny things will launch when YOURLS 2.0 is ready. No, no ETA :)

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@DrewAPicture the site was sold but the captcha itself is very simple to be honest. I think I used…

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Sochi Olympics API Explorer: fun tool to play with for data & stat nerds

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@apachefriends always reluctant to update because it’ll overwrite all config files… :(

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52% of americans do not believe in the “theory” of evolution. Unfubeliekingvable.…

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@s0ixante @Dlulz @BleaderRaton Ainsi que KIKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :o)))))))))))))))))))

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@materielnet recrutement dev PHP: “Vous pensez qu’un bon code n’a pas besoin de commentaire” Heu… Comment dire… Cherchez un mauvais? :)

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I have mixed feelings for @PHP_CEO. It’s somehow funny, but on the other hand it just doesn’t apply to PHP per se. #importantnews

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@ricard_dev yes way, it’s all over the news, search “ACDC” in

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One of the biggest news headlines of the whole year has just landed : AC/DC to record a new album this spring! O.M.F.G. m/

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@fuirippu <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”>

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RT @ArtemR: An account to follow: @drawnyourtweet. Exhibit A:….

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RT @ChrisWiegman: Using Markdown With WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide:

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@boone yep, most of my tests. Complete workflow: code feature, break it later, fix, write test to make sure future code doesn’t break again

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My kid insists that I support one hockey team so since he’s for USA, I’ll go for RUS. Go RUS! :)

1:20pm Feb 15 2014 —

@rmccue this and network, yes, but still, much faster to open now

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Does anyone know about any live streaming of Sotchi Hockey games available for free & for European folks?

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