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RT @justintadlock: “Active installs” is showing instead of download count in the plugin repo:…

5:33pm Feb 28 2015 —

LOL + mind kind of blown by (via @palad1)

7:54pm Feb 26 2015 —

@dougmckown it’s all in the readme. It’ll import as many as Twitter displays.

in reply to dougmckown — 6:26am Feb 25 2015 —

Today in the mail: support request in Cyrillic Russian. Like, it’s well known and publicly stated everywhere that I know Russian, I guess.

7:15pm Feb 24 2015 —

RT @twholman: These url animations are what the internet is all about –

6:19pm Feb 23 2015 —

@Metalliquoi énorme :)

in reply to Metalliquoi — 6:10pm Feb 23 2015 —

@dancameron I love how parents say “16” and kid say “13” btw :)

in reply to dancameron — 8:58am Feb 21 2015 —

@dancameron awesome site, didn’t know, thanks!

in reply to dancameron — 8:57am Feb 21 2015 —

Anyone saw Kingsman? Is it suitable for 11-13 yo boys?

11:26pm Feb 20 2015 —

Better late than never, right? Took me 22 years to realize that Carcass’ album “Heartwork” from 1993 is a MOTHERF*KING MASTERPIECE.

10:38pm Feb 20 2015 —

@stronglang your geeker side will probably like… if you don’t know it already :)

10:48pm Feb 19 2015 —

@julien_lafont @CommitStrip_fr ouaip, testé ça marche. Pareil que les encouragements pour charger une video Youtube plus vite que ça stream.

in reply to julien_lafont — 5:19pm Feb 19 2015 —

@CommitStrip_fr Ca, et essayer de bouger la souris à exactement la même vitesse que la ptite animation qui tourne sur une page web qui rame

in reply to CommitStrip_fr — 5:12pm Feb 19 2015 —

ahaHAḨA̴H͝A҉HHA̼͍̗̤̞̓ͬ͢H̅͑̑̂A͖̟̘̒͋̀͊̃H̼̺̖O͇̣̜̲̱̥̲͇̘͕̭̳̺̝ͥͧͩ͂͂́͘͡ͅM̝̫͔̳̫͔̮̻̖̝̅̇ͥ̀ͣ̽ͨ̎͌́̚G̵̳̗̣̩̼͖͈̰̫̭͖̟̪̺̤̟͆̃ͯ͒̇́̏ͮ̈́̐̅̑̅́̆̓̂͌͠͡. @fakefossils

4:39pm Feb 19 2015 —

r/Showerthoughts/ has got to be one of my fave subreddits ever. Full of awesomeness :) #previoustweet

11:46pm Feb 18 2015 —

Shower thought of the day: The fact that there is a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about the traffic trends.

11:45pm Feb 18 2015 —

My next web project involves listening to massive amounts of melodic death metal. Not sure I’ll be able to cope with all the headbanging :)

10:10pm Feb 18 2015 —

RT @tlovett12: Dockunit: run containerized unit tests across any platform and language. Built on

7:43am Feb 18 2015 —

Rad open source project of the day: controlling a drone with an ukulele

10:57pm Feb 16 2015 —

@obstschale actually all my plugins, except when depecrated, are marked as compatible up to 9.9. And I’m confident they will be, really :)

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