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@domainr “IP Address – 187,446 other sites hosted on this server” wow, this must be a real beefy machine!

in reply to domainr — 3:44pm Aug 21 2017 —

* so_much_less_readable_than_snake_case() :(
* PSR-2 I very dislike you :(

2:07pm Aug 16 2017 —

@rmccue Djee-f*cking-zus! So you contribute without even having SVN installed?!

in reply to rmccue — 4:52pm Aug 14 2017 —

@rmccue serious question though, havent tried your tool: you can fork WP on Github, and submit PR to Trac from your own fork?

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@rmccue or “This Really Isn’t Clearly TRAC”, so it makes TRICTRAC (yeah, still on the name:)

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@justinvincent Justin, very respectfully:… (even though you left the lib to others, I think your opinion matters)

12:44pm Aug 14 2017 —

@s0ixante aucune idée, je dirai que c’est simplement un marché trop croissant pour se poser la moindre question… On verra plus tard…

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@s0ixante Les éditeurs tout court, pas juste les Français. Mon livre sur 33$ en Kindle, 25…

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@rmccue I think you missed an opportunity to name this with a cool old school recursive acronym :) Like, MINT for “MINT Is Not Trac” …

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So, 6 years later, finally got to try bone conduction headphones. Really impressed by the sound quality.…

4:51pm Aug 5 2017 —

@dotbrandobser YOURLS is totally adapted to corporate usage, precisely because of its hosted nature (control over e…

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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality…

5:15pm Aug 1 2017 —