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planetOzh: Baltic Amber + Admin Drop Down Menu = Cool: Kaspars updated is fun plugin Baltic Amber (..

10:52pm Apr 27 2008 —

planetOzh: Javascript basename() and dirname(): For my next stuff I needed the Javascript equivalen..

8:53pm Apr 27 2008 —

planetOzh: Ugliest (and Dumbest) Tatoo Ever:
This tatoo doesn’t even validate, duh! (via the..

11:53am Apr 27 2008 —

planetOzh: FeedBurner and Netvibes: Doing It Wrong: Something seems to be broken between Feedburner..

7:53pm Apr 25 2008 —

planetOzh: ShareWP : Digg for WordPress: ShareWP is a digg-like site (using Pligg I think) dedicate..

5:54pm Apr 24 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress Flash Tag Cloud: This Flash Tag Cloud for WordPress will delight those who are..

8:52am Apr 24 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress Podcasts: WordCast, “Just another WordPress podcast“. Add this one..

7:53am Apr 23 2008 —

planetOzh: Follow planetOzh on Twitter: For about one year now, I’ve been twittering this sit..

9:54pm Apr 22 2008 —

planetOzh: Cute Little Plugin: Better Plugin Page: My “Manage Plugins” page are getting..

9:53pm Apr 21 2008 —

planetOzh: Popularishty: Cool! I‘m popular today :)
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7:53am Apr 21 2008 —

planetOzh: Admin Drop Down Menu & Fluency: Quick Update: For those who have updated to Admin Drop D..

10:54pm Apr 20 2008 —

planetOzh: Admin Drop Down Menu & Fluency: Quick Update: For those who have updated to Admin Drop D..

2:00pm Apr 20 2008 —

planetOzh: Week-End Plugin Updates: I’ve updated two of my plugins today: Absolute Comments t..

9:02pm Apr 19 2008 —

planetOzh: Google Bookmarks ?: Hu? I didn’t know there was a Google Bookmarks service (appare..

4:59pm Apr 19 2008 —

planetOzh: The Kind of Reader You Want To Have: Leszek from Free Geography Tools left a comment tha..

8:24pm Apr 17 2008 —

planetOzh: How-To: Use WordPress 2.5 Tooltips: Go to your blog admin area, head to the “Write” page..

10:00am Apr 15 2008 —

planetOzh: Absolute Comments Update: If you are experiencing problems with Absolute Comments, it&#8..

10:59pm Apr 13 2008 —

planetOzh: 4 Checkpoints to Make Sure Plugin Update Notices in WordPress Will Work: One of the most..

9:57pm Apr 11 2008 —

planetOzh: How To: Load Javascript With Your WordPress Plugin: Adding javascript into an admin page..

8:58am Apr 11 2008 —

planetOzh: Who Sees Ads for WordPress 2.5: Yet another plugin of mine that gets a revamp: Who Sees ..

9:58pm Apr 7 2008 —