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@ItsYaBoyPhilly it’s to run your own bitly service, on your domain, your hosting and everything. Read the manual please

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If you sometimes read forums, tumblrs or anywhere full of annoying animated gifs, this is the bomb:…

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@kensaggy if that is not about brute-forcing the captcha, can you send me an email?

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@williamsba Bo Knows WordPress.

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Simple web tool to find a Twitter (or Flickr) user id from their username:

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@Ipstenu why so ?

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@ColIegeTips replied

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@ColIegeTips send me an email – ozh at ozh dot org – if you want a quote for paid support

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@ColIegeTips your site works fine: Now please read the readme.

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@ColIegeTips yep: pin point the problem, read the readme, the wiki, and eventually search issues (open AND closed). The answer is there.

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@marconierlich update now then :) despite being labelled as 1.7-alpha, it’s stable (on use on & for instance)

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Dudes, I think YOURLS 1.7 is near.

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That feeling when your 50 GB of 16000 photos from 4 different cameras are sorted, timestamped, archived and backed up.

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@wordpress_fr faudrait mettre un poil plus de réserve à droite du S de PARIS pour qu’il ne touche pas le cercle autour du W :)

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Everytime I use a tricky git command, I’m kind of disappointed when I get it right and yet no cheerful crowd come to me

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PHP5 Objects Passed By Reference For Dummies

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@rmccue @GaryPendergast bleh… I always get lost when there’s passing stuff by reference involved.

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@GaryPendergast I sort of understood that from previous tweet, but definitely something that I’ll follow blindly more than really get :)

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