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@williamsba @justintadlock #plugindevbook 2.0 Return of the Plugin Back With A Professional Vengeance ?

in reply to williamsba — 8:00pm Oct 6 2011 —

@Crysislevel Saw your comment on wpbeginner, #plugindevbook *is* available as an ebook! Check

6:58pm Jun 29 2011 —

You know you can freely download all the code from #plugindevbook, right? has 80+ PHP files!

12:47pm Jun 15 2011 —

Nice review of #plugindevbook by @sksmatt Review

7:46am May 18 2011 —

Cool news of the day: #plugindevbook to be translated in Polish! (To be release in July I think) Go Poland WP devs!

2:24pm May 13 2011 —

Just wait for page 1337! :) RT @itsananderson: How appropriate. Page 404 of the #plugindevbook is in the WP Rewrite chapter.

5:56am May 5 2011 —

Check out Justin’s page about #plugindevbook:…

6:10am Apr 11 2011 —

Best #plugindevbook deal in the UK: at £18.89 and free shipping, hat tip @boldfish

12:18pm Apr 3 2011 —

Sunday morning tip: #plugindevbook still 39% off on Amazon ($27 paperback, $17 kindle), get it now ;)

11:05am Apr 3 2011 —

Wow, thanks :) RT @mauguar: #plugindevbook is a huge and brilliant contribution to the #wordpress community and its future.

6:03am Mar 28 2011 —

#plugindevbook freebie: the whole chapter about Internationalizing Your Plugins (+ detailed TOC to make you drool)

1:54pm Mar 24 2011 —

On planetOzh: So I Finally Got My Hands On #plugindevbook. Whooohooo o/

8:41pm Mar 22 2011 —

Hot deal: Amazon currently shaving 61% off of #plugindevbook Kindle edition! ($17.39 for who knows how long)

8:05pm Mar 22 2011 —

“All in all this book is a MUST READ by all plugin developers and theme developers alike” #plugindevbook

3:00pm Mar 22 2011 —

Go go Dutch coders! #plugindevbook RT @Ramoonus: @ozh your book is now also available in holland

11:13am Mar 22 2011 —

@jonnyauk Thanks for the kind words, we hope you’ll like it! cc @williamsba @justintadlock #plugindevbook

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Spoiler alert! :) RT @helenhousandi Got my #plugindevbook today, cracked it open, and saw Little Bobby Tables. I’m already in love.

7:46am Mar 10 2011 —

If you missed it: yesterday’s interview of myself, Brad and Justin about our #plugindevbook, by @wpcandy:

7:35pm Mar 8 2011 —

Join the party! @ozh, @justintadlock and @williamsba live on @wpcandy at about #plugindevbook !

11:29pm Mar 7 2011 —

Preparing for an online interview with @wpcandy, @williamsba and @justintadlock about #plugindevbook. Come laugh at my fwench accent :Þ

10:43pm Mar 7 2011 —