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@404TS worse: when I first had the idea, the domain was free. But I thought: enough with buying a domain and never doing something…

in reply to 404TS — 8:12pm May 31 2013 —

The ONE fucking time I decide to actually develop the app and site before I buy that witty domain name… someone buys it in the meantime.

7:53pm May 31 2013 —

Meaningless milestones: YOURLS has 199 “stargazers” on Github. Who will be the 200th?

6:45pm May 31 2013 —

@joetek indeed, that damn markdown :) Thanks for the heads up

in reply to joetek — 3:05pm May 30 2013 —

@BleaderRaton oué, j’ai vu… mal gaulé, faut choisir une plateforme, soit US, soit Europe ..

in reply to BleaderRaton — 5:37am May 27 2013 —

@djtaylor74 and is available, would make a nice branded short URL for your next YOURLS setup :)

in reply to djtaylor74 — 10:09pm May 26 2013 —

I’m looking for an online tshirt merchant with an API to upload custom generated designs. Anyone got one to recommend?

9:58pm May 26 2013 —

@WhiteLighters nope, dont know

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5 HTML5 Features you need to know — awesome.…

8:07pm May 25 2013 —

One million !

5:51pm May 25 2013 —

@myersjustinc seems like it: deactivated Firebug, fixed the problem, reinstalled it & reactivated, fixed it for good.

in reply to myersjustinc — 1:15pm May 25 2013 —

In a few hours, my WordPress plugins will cross the million download mark (currently 999,944) #millionaireclub :)

1:12pm May 25 2013 —

Turns out if was Firebug, but a reinstall of the extension fixed everything. PHEW. Crisis averted.

10:09am May 25 2013 —

That latest @firefox build is completely broken. Right click anywhere pops a 60 lines “contextual” (my ass) menu. Fix ASAP kthxbye!

9:59am May 25 2013 —

This URL has a slice of pizza:…

6:10am May 24 2013 —

@TheLoneCuber hmm, seems it’s not doing it any longer… What the… I swear I wasn’t dreaming, I even showed to the wife :)

in reply to TheLoneCuber — 9:57pm May 23 2013 —

@TheLoneCuber Dunno. It just happened, I did nothing to trigger that. Magic, I tell you :)

in reply to TheLoneCuber — 9:55pm May 23 2013 —

Wow, I edit a .css on my dev box and Chrome instantly reloads the page without me hitting F5? Magic :-)

7:41pm May 23 2013 —

@wptavern you don’t want to try this before we have decent cryogenic travel devices!

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