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@FlorianGareis I thought “Source” was obvious enough…

in reply to FlorianGareis — 5:28pm Nov 30 2013 —

@FlorianGareis it’s not removed from gcode by the way, I’ve just checked

in reply to FlorianGareis — 4:45pm Nov 30 2013 —

@FlorianGareis all plugins I know are on

in reply to FlorianGareis — 4:43pm Nov 30 2013 —

.@dinicmilan ahah yeah, happens regularly. The internet is full of funny immature assholes like @budfox26 :)

in reply to dinicmilan — 9:31am Nov 30 2013 —

More Markov Chains fun: probabilistic (fake) WordPress tickets… Actually some can be pretty mind-boggling :)

10:11pm Nov 29 2013 —

I’ve also played with generating probabilistic WP ticket titles, based on the 26000+ existing tickets, but it’s less conclusive :-Þ

9:52pm Nov 29 2013 —

Friday fun:… generates fake “Make WordPress Core” agenda entries. Roadmap for the next 80 years, baby!

9:26pm Nov 29 2013 —

@ajaydsouza regarding time not wasted, surely. Money earned, nope :) It’s just a deterrent for quick & cheap support, nothing interesting

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@BoiteAWeb ah oui. Non, j’utilise pas non plus, ça fait “mauvaise presse” de voir plein de questions ouvertes sans réponse…

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@BoiteAWeb oué pas mal aussi :) Pas trop de spam dans le forum? J’ai tué tous les forums que j’avais à cause de ça, trop marre…

in reply to BoiteAWeb — 10:05pm Nov 28 2013 —

“Plugin and doc are provided as is free of charge. If you need help, I’ll happily provide a quote for my time” is my new WP support reply.

9:59pm Nov 28 2013 —

@ryancduff I regularly receive funny stuff because of this: Megaupload membership, porn site access… Should blog about that, it’s fun :)

in reply to ryancduff — 8:32pm Nov 28 2013 —

@ryancduff nah, it’s just very generic, think asdfasdf or :)

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Their most favorite plugin, installed everywhere, is “Disable Updates” to “Prevents users from updating”. Yeah, sounds like a sane plan.

8:31pm Nov 28 2013 —

I’m checking a couple of their sites right now, see if I can update WP or be of any use :)

8:29pm Nov 28 2013 —

Basically I’m a “reset my password” click from gaining admin access to all their client sites. Very professional from them.

8:28pm Nov 28 2013 —

Just found out a web agency who creates WP sites, using a “random” email for their admin user… which happens to be my own spam email addy.

8:26pm Nov 28 2013 —

@nico_somb Please don’t. Search before. Tons of issues on this already.

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@Michcioperz wait, at this pace it’ll soon be a dedicated server :)

in reply to Michcioperz — 8:26pm Nov 27 2013 —

Bitcoin exchange is nearing 1000 USD. Insane. The 0.06 BTC I own are actually worth something.

8:20pm Nov 27 2013 —