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@tomslominski has all the details hopefully now

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@tomslominski that’d be awesome. Do yo know how it works for themes or plugin? I’ll write a quick guide later today

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@zamoose aaaaaaaaaaah finally someone took action :)

8:23pm Feb 19 2013 —

Forza Italia! The first translation ever for YOURLS is it_IT ! Get it at

9:17pm Feb 18 2013 —

@ackboo malheureusement les participants serait masculins, plutot barbus, souvent moches et assez introvertis. Bof pour l’audimat :)

8:48pm Feb 18 2013 —

I rarely think that about web services, but I think @github has too few notification email settings.

7:43pm Feb 18 2013 —

Hello world in every programming language A few missing though (I see TCL at least). Too bad the owner’s gone MIA

4:30pm Feb 18 2013 —

@likethegoddess YOURLS WordPress plugin != YOURLS

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@amitgupta scripts & css can get enqueued in footer if needed

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@amitgupta haven’t look at it yet but one feature missing was: add the JS only if a post needs it, not always in the head

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@amitgupta wow!! :) unexpected and exciting! I’ll have a look

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@nacin personally I just ignore since I don’t read TC anymore, but would I be a reader, I’d tell them their post is worthless, yes

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@nacin annoyed != bitching and whining like a preteen frustrated they didn’t see next Twilight’s trailer because of their ISP outage

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@Christophe_Co pas gouté personnellement mais les consommateurs ont tout bouffé sans commentaire désobligeant :)

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@Christophe_Co testé, mortellement méga approuvé par les kids :)

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@richardtape most probably: look at the “Gauges Analytics” link in their footer…

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@s0ya In case you’re stilling willing to translate YOURLS to Japanese, check latest blog post if you missed it:

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@vweevers In case you’re stilling willing to translate YOURLS to Dutch, check latest blog post if you missed it:

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@richardtape yep found that the other day, and currently testing it. But it would be so easier if GH had GA support…

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@jeherve yeah I guess so, but for instance adding a GA tag on each page is nothing to do. Bugs me to have zero data

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