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on planetOzh: HTTP Authentication on PHP as CGI (like Dreamhost)

10:24am Apr 29 2009 — is pretty interesting. I wonder how they compute the Followers Growth Rate, I can’t find similar stuff in the API

6:07am Apr 28 2009 —

@wptavern You can probably change the permalink too, as WP will guess the correct location (ie “hello-wolrd” will redirect to “hello-world”)

in reply to wptavern — 11:22am Apr 27 2009 —

Neat tutorial for apprentice hackers: how to install and set up #WordPress locally on your Windows computer, using XAMPP :

10:53pm Apr 26 2009 —

on planetOzh: Prepare For WordPress Plugin Competition 2009

10:50pm Apr 26 2009 —

WLTC just announced 2009 edition of their awesome #WordPress Plugin Competition. Starts May 1st & ends July 31st. Awesome!

10:22pm Apr 26 2009 —

RT @garymccaffrey has a crazy idea. 19,530 new twitter followers in 30 days? Check it out

8:08pm Apr 24 2009 —

on planetOzh: Comparison of WordPress SEO Plugins

6:23am Apr 24 2009 —

@ArtemR Seriously, what for? I’d *love* to have a semi valid reason to have a second monitor and buy one, but I just can’t honestly find one

in reply to ArtemR — 7:59pm Apr 23 2009 —

@Viper007Bond what’s the point exactly of your dual monitor setup? I’ve always wanted one for myself, but see no real use for it honestly…

in reply to Viper007Bond — 2:28pm Apr 23 2009 —

@backtweets is the best Twitter search engine: it searches within shortened URLs! Try it with your domain. Ego searches++:

9:23pm Apr 22 2009 —

@jeffr0 all this is ridiculous. What, “old” A-Listers are pissed because Oprah and other mainstream stars get more followers? Wow. Big deal.

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on planetOzh: Use Twitter to Identify Yourself on WordPress Blogs

10:23pm Apr 21 2009 —

“Found an awesome link but can decide whether to twitter it, tumbl it, facebook it or mass mail it.” This tweet by @TheCHANGELOG made me lol

9:36pm Apr 21 2009 —

on planetOzh: Interview Of My Humbe Self

7:53pm Apr 20 2009 —

My question of the day is: when will @DD32 have commit access to the WordPress SVN repository and be featured on

7:04am Apr 20 2009 —

@nathanrice (@westi @iandstewart @wptavern) except when originating from perpetual bashers, ie all the folks from

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@nathanrice (@westi @iandstewart @wptavern) except when originating from perpetual bashers, ie all the folks from

9:20pm Apr 17 2009 —

@gamerz wtf? Rejecting your paypal order is one thing, but claiming afterwards “hey, you’re buying copyrighted stuff from our site” is idiot

in reply to gamerz — 7:56pm Apr 17 2009 —

@gamerz got an email saying that the shirt had shipped 6 days ago, but haven’t got anything yet. They say it will take 7-12 business days…

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