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on planetOzh: Gallery of Cool WordPress Sites

7:09am Mar 31 2009 —

I’m going to make something fun (will try also pretty:) with … Stay tuned!

7:01am Mar 31 2009 —

Setting up a new site, it’s broken: I file a support ticket with my host. Exactly 2 mn later, everything fixed. I *love* @dreamhost.

6:47am Mar 31 2009 —

@herrtodd I’m working on it :)

in reply to herrtodd — 5:22am Mar 31 2009 —

square(w00t)! (that’s w00t*w00t = w00t²) hits and my wife is proud of me.

10:32pm Mar 30 2009 —

w00t! featured on! Crossing fingers to hit now :-)

9:44pm Mar 30 2009 —

@jeffr0 the fun thing is people tweet “wow, earthquake! felt it?” without even telling where they are. Like, it’s a *Twitter* earthquake :)

in reply to jeffr0 — 6:57pm Mar 30 2009 —

on planetOzh: SingleFunction, Showcasing Monotask Sites

6:56pm Mar 30 2009 —

@Viper007Bond I loathe iTunes too so I don’t even have it installed on my PC. I manage my iPod with Floola, much much much lighter.

in reply to Viper007Bond — 4:51pm Mar 30 2009 —

@andrea_r I have a view with just unread mails in Gmail (but I’m not sure it’s still doable) (&thx for the RT:)

in reply to andrea_r — 7:58pm Mar 29 2009 —

on planetOzh: Pixel Perfect Background Photoshop Template for Twitter

7:40pm Mar 29 2009 —

@gamerz That’s why you’re supposed to follow people via Twitter and never connect again to Facebook :-Þ

in reply to gamerz — 6:10pm Mar 29 2009 —

Crafting a pixel perfect Twitter background Photoshop template, compatible with multiple screen resolutions. It’s gonna pwnz.

2:57pm Mar 29 2009 — attempt to write a story, 140 chars at a time, with tweets from people who want to contribute. Fun idea!

11:00am Mar 29 2009 —

@tweetpenguin … but it also failed at finding people with common interests (mine was “wordpress”, others were about “fishing”). Sorry.

in reply to tweetpenguin — 10:56am Mar 29 2009 —

@tweetpenguin honestly your service sucks. Not only I didn’t want it to add any followers (I thought it was on step 2 which I cancelled)…

in reply to tweetpenguin — 10:55am Mar 29 2009 —

RT @tweetpenguin I’m expanding my social network (you can too): Interest: #wordpress

10:51am Mar 29 2009 —

@ArtemR been using Tineye for a few months now, really cool indeed. They have a firefox plugin, useful to find context of a standalone pic

in reply to ArtemR — 10:41pm Mar 28 2009 —

@twitual very cool stuff, like it. I’d like a link next to each name to see their twitual profile instead of a link to their twitter page.

9:50pm Mar 28 2009 —

@ArtemR thanks for finding, that’s cool stuff. I’m looking for more people to follow (but I’m picky) and this will help

in reply to ArtemR — 9:32pm Mar 28 2009 —