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@smashingmag Should be replaced with an icon of Jesus. Everybody knows that Jesus saves.

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Working on YOURLS wiki pages on Github. Time to wear my “I *hate* Markdown” tshirt…

2:38pm Mar 30 2013 —

@7nk <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”>

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@redwall_hp this said Windows doesn’t allow filenames with colons. Haven’t tried but that would probably break everything too :)

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@redwall_hp Github *wiki* repo. It’s their half baked wiki engine.

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@redwall_hp no, I think it’s some Github features, really. I have no problem on Git & Windows

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@redwall_hp heh. Worse is colon: file gets cloned as an empty file.

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Cool milestone! I’ve just made my 100th sale on :-)

11:23pm Mar 29 2013 —

Protip: don’t use semicolons in @Github wiki page titles. It breaks everything if you git clone the wiki on Windows.

9:04pm Mar 29 2013 —

@JimmyGModel cheers, have fun with it :)

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Checklist for moving a project from Google Code to Github

5:40pm Mar 29 2013 —

Hardest OCD decision ever:

7:03am Mar 29 2013 —

@trepmal Don’t forget to bundle in your plugin

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I’m sure @markjaquith will find a few missing things :) RT @infobeautiful: The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense

10:16pm Mar 27 2013 —

@Schatteleyn je découvre quelques morceaux sur Youtube. Pas ma tasse de thé sur le plan vocal mais sinon assez intéressant

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@LeFerrailleur ahah, “Pitbulls in the nursery”, connais pas mais rien que pour le nom j’irais bien les voir :)

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Just resuscitated an old laptop with the unofficial Chromium build from on a USB stick. Neat! Will do that more

10:49am Mar 27 2013 —

Where’s Jason? Little game fun for the whole family

9:19am Mar 27 2013 —

@trepmal I think no need for this (or I don’t get the purpose). The only rule is: *everything* must be prefixed or die

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@Elise_Andrew Timely followup to your one eyed shark story: double headed shark apparently found…

8:18pm Mar 26 2013 —