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Rhooooa, #newtwitter, my profile looks like crap now. But still looks the same to many users. Dumb design decisions, Twitter.

10:27am Feb 12 2014 —

“Pssst… the new version of Twitter is here. Try it now!” ZOMG #newtwitter I haz it !!!1!one!eleven!

6:59pm Sep 28 2010 —

@hhindle i’ll see when I eventually get #newtwitter maybe

in reply to hhindle — 5:13pm Sep 28 2010 —

LOL, true :) RT @BoltClock: I like how everyone else is saying everyone else has #newtwitter except themselves.

9:21pm Sep 27 2010 —

Hey @twitter, just for the record, I still don’t have #newtwitter. Don’t forget me, when everyone else on Earth haz it, I can haz it too

5:07pm Sep 26 2010 —

@RetoStuber I’ll see when I finally get #newtwitter

in reply to RetoStuber — 3:43pm Sep 24 2010 —

PSA: I’ve been told by a Twitter insider that if you follow @newtwtrplz you will get #newtwitter faster! Guaranteed! Honest!

10:06pm Sep 23 2010 —