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@stephdau @plugpresscom heh didn’t know about that glow puck. Currently watching an old ’96 video with it… wow distracting indeed :)

in reply to stephdau — 8:42pm Nov 29 2011 —

I think HDTV was invented for Hockey. Can’t see that fucking tiny fast puck otherwise.

8:16pm Nov 29 2011 —

@Christophe_Co Là c’est clair, ça sent le blogage bilingue obligatoire. There it’s bright, it feels the blogging bilingual mandatory.

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@psisquared thanks! I really needed spam links.

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@koma5 maybe in includes? I packaged 1.5 long ago, you should run trunk

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9:28pm Nov 24 2011 —

In other news: I’m taking a huge break from computer things. Currently into sports & guitar & video games (not considered “computer thing”:)

5:05pm Nov 22 2011 —

Newly relaunched WP Swag Store at runs on Joomla. Okee dokee.

5:02pm Nov 22 2011 —

If you or your OS requires a “productivity tool” to resize windows, I seriously question your definition of productivity. #smtools

8:31pm Nov 15 2011 —

Go Corsairs! My 7yo at his first match, he had a blast :)

8:05pm Nov 14 2011 —

@WTCraft désolé, non… conflit de plugin? Certains ont des pb avec OAuth, sur toutes mes installs moi ça marche…

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@WTCraft non, pas toujours… Je suis un peu en break de mes geekeries habituelles là…

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