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@dumont héhé mortel ton nick surt twitter :) ¡ ןǝʇɹoɯ doɹʇ

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@BleaderRaton zomg. Tu me diras, si le truc marche plus au départ, tu ne risques pas grand chose à essayer. Je note :)

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@BleaderRaton hu… Et ça sert à quoi de faire cuire ta carte mère? :)

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@onedesigns I just didn’t put a pin where I live :)

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@markjaquith plus, it’s free today. Thanks for the tip :)

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Map of visited countries on my wall. No, I’m not speaking about Facebook.…

2:58pm Sep 30 2012 —

RT @kwightca: Great explanation and examples of the #WordPress Rewrite API in Pro WP Plugin Development from Wrox, thx @williamsba @just …

1:27pm Sep 30 2012 —

@ripienaar dunno. maybe :)

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Very cool geek tattoo: the Photoshop toolbar

9:21am Sep 30 2012 —

Freebie: to celebrate their 1000th book, Packt Pub is offering any ebook for free

9:12am Sep 30 2012 —

@CorsairesNantes à vue de Twitter, match tendu! Félicitations!

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@Jeff_Holland been trying to contact you by email already several times by the way. This is really getting infuriating.

8:05am Sep 29 2012 —

@Jeff_Holland can you please, please, please, TURN OFF YOUR BROKEN EMAIL RESPONDER on iclonesuccess? You are spamming…

8:04am Sep 29 2012 —

@gregkilian job? Hobby! :)

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@daclements It’s manageable, really. Taste order is crucial, and eating a few bread slices now and then really “clears” the mouth. And spit.

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Productive night: tasted 41 different wines. No real gem, but a few nice surprises.

10:17pm Sep 28 2012 —

Hellfest 2013 tickets secured.

3:50pm Sep 28 2012 —

Apparently China’s iPad is a bit disappointing RT @BleaderRaton:… #gift #tablet #becausechina

3:29pm Sep 28 2012 —

@JohnPBloch meh. Maybe if you shake the device a bit, everything will realign correctly? :)

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@juxfr ouais ça sent la journée pleine de dossiers de fond qui me font ch… et que j’ai pas envie d’avancer :-)

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