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Reasons to like France I can’t say I completely disagree… :-Þ

2:02pm Jan 31 2015 —

@s0ixante oué j’ai vu ça ce matin :)

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@bastetmilo submitting a talk again Kasia?

in reply to bastetmilo — 8:44am Jan 31 2015 —

@s0ixante yeaaaaah “Twitter helpers s0ixante”

in reply to s0ixante — 9:55pm Jan 30 2015 —

@s0ixante nan je connaissais pas du tout, j’avais du rater tes tweets… MON DIEU J’AI RATE DES TWEETS argh scroll scroll

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@s0ixante ah zut flutte non, dans lequel?

in reply to s0ixante — 9:52pm Jan 30 2015 —

@s0ixante grave! Je me les suis tous faits dans l’ordre, y’a rien à jeter. Excellent. Tissime.

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@JoN1oP @rosso if you’re in Niort tomorrow night and in the mood for Rock and beers, my music soul mate buddy is playing at Le Vintage

9:48pm Jan 30 2015 —

If you are the tiniest bit interested in movies, don’t miss @tonyszhou‘s Youtube:… Pure gems of smart dissections

9:29pm Jan 30 2015 —

Rope A Dope: this short movie is like Groundhog Day meets Jackie Chan :-)…

9:05pm Jan 30 2015 —

@jennybeaumont make up your mind already! :)

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So, who’s considering coming to #wceu?

6:14pm Jan 30 2015 —

@danhgilmore I thought it would be a nightmare to arrange corks so they would nicely fit but hey, instant fit magic :)

in reply to danhgilmore — 5:29pm Jan 30 2015 —

I’m recycling corks in a wooden frame. Whatcha think?

5:19pm Jan 30 2015 —

@Ipstenu yeah I totally recommend @norcross plugin :)

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@skanev ho, neat… I might play a bit with that some day :) Thanks!

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@skanev fun talk :) What tool powers the slides? Looks like a CLI stuff yet you can insert images, you got me curious :)

9:23pm Jan 29 2015 —

@KWalkerTimes Also, if you come up with something nice, please consider open sourcing it so it may help someone else with similar need :)

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@KWalkerTimes that should be a very simple plugin, see core plugin… for example of playing with the allowed chars

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