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Are the slides from #wcpdx on using WP & Git up somewhere? I missed that and would love to catch up.

8:32am Sep 22 2010 —

I have a feeling that @markjaquith’s “Shrimp Dinner Rule” will spread like wild fire :) #wcpdx

6:41pm Sep 19 2010 —

Holy shit, I didn’t even know about the Full-Screen button on the editor toolbar :) #wcpdx

6:36pm Sep 19 2010 —

If your timezone is ahead/behind WordCamp Portland, the streaming currently replays yesterday’s sessions #wcpdx

10:48am Sep 19 2010 —

#wcpdx streams miss a little subtitle with “Speaker: subject”. Who’s on right now, on the tech talk?

6:56pm Sep 18 2010 —

OK, who’s the funny boy? :) #wcpdx

5:28pm Sep 18 2010 —

Quite surprised that people at #wcpdx don’t wave at the camera with signs saying “hello twitter!”. I wouldn’t resist.

5:22pm Sep 18 2010 —

@fellene @justintadlock *is* a custom post type. Tutorial: Upcoming: a book #plugindevbook #wcpdx

in reply to fellene — 4:54pm Sep 18 2010 —

Puppy Post Type FTW :) cc @devinsays #wcpdx

4:41pm Sep 18 2010 —

@williamsba yeah, the dev one is very clear. The other broadcast is mute #wcpdx

in reply to williamsba — 4:36pm Sep 18 2010 —