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When WP lawyers will start getting nosy with domain names containing “wordpress”, it’s gonna be ugly. So many of them.

5:37pm May 31 2009 —

@Viper007Bond fancy writing about your Win 7 experience later? I wonder why everybody say it’s so cool, in itself & compared to Vista

in reply to Viper007Bond — 1:22pm May 31 2009 —

On planetOzh: Hot News of the Day: WordPress and WordPress Mu to Merge

1:20pm May 31 2009 —

Widget management is SO easier and quicker with WP 2.8 it almost makes me stop hating widgets :)

5:03pm May 30 2009 —

OK, my addiction with #spymaster lasted for about 3 minutes. Definitely not thrilling.

3:41pm May 30 2009 —

I just wounded @morpheas7887 in an assassination attempt. #spymaster

3:17pm May 30 2009 —

RT @lionelchollet I shot the serif. {typography fun, that’s neat & geek}

7:27pm May 29 2009 —

I must admit that the #3wordsaftersex Twitter meme is kind of funny :) Mine: “That was bloggable”.

7:02pm May 29 2009 —

@playspymaster I want an invite!

7:00pm May 29 2009 —

@nathanrice Cheers, mate :-)

in reply to nathanrice — 5:45pm May 29 2009 —

@elpie we’re the kind of rockstars that keep cool with people ;) (but you can get an autograph)

in reply to elpie — 6:54am May 29 2009 —

@nathanrice yeah saw your being added too. Well deserved :) AND WE WANT THE NEW NATHANRICE.NET NOW !!1!!one! :)

in reply to nathanrice — 6:03am May 29 2009 —

RT: @werockwp: Ozh (@ozh) is a WordPress Rockstar. {wife so proud!}

5:15am May 29 2009 —

“10 logo design tips” from @davidairey. My fav: “Under-promise, over-deliver”. This applies to just anything.

7:58am May 28 2009 —

Setting up a new site, using a free WP theme. *Just* because the footer has obfuscated code to keep credit links, I’ll remove them.

1:00pm May 27 2009 —

@nathanrice indeed. Tell them to put me on it too :)

in reply to nathanrice — 9:22pm May 26 2009 —

I like @andrea_r’s way of RTing, adding {personal comments} after the RT. Makes things more personal and less “brainless button push” :Þ

9:20pm May 26 2009 —

Learned something today: assicons, a branch of the emoticons: (_!_) ass, (_?_) dumb ass, (_E=mc2_) smart ass. *So* needed :) via @lucianop

9:10pm May 26 2009 —

“Run! Bitch Run!” Apparently this trailer is not a parody? OMG this is siriuzly hilarius

7:10pm May 26 2009 —

Tip of the day: remember that “social networking” is not “social not working”. Indeed, easy to cross the line… (via @andrea_r)

3:42pm May 26 2009 —