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@nerdaphernalia but wait! Firefox 7 is coming in 2 weeks, and then the week after it’ll be Firefox 8!

in reply to nerdaphernalia — 5:14pm Aug 31 2011 —

@Ipstenu a GUI to create WP themes? omg :)

in reply to Ipstenu — 4:17pm Aug 31 2011 —

@Ipstenu maybe I’m all wrong, but I really prefer the <tag><?php some_func(); ?></tag> scheme

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@nacin I think not seeing any HTML structure in header.php is confusing. Maybe elegant, but not noob friendly.

in reply to nacin — 4:06pm Aug 31 2011 —

@yoast I like your second approach regarding title tag. Friendly & efficient.

in reply to yoast — 12:59pm Aug 31 2011 —

@scribu congratulations! Looks like an impressive team you’re working with cc @petemall

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@markjaquith we have this very system in a lot of places, here

in reply to markjaquith — 9:25am Aug 31 2011 —

@yoast I think having the main structure hardcoded (html, head, meta’s, title, body) is simpler for devs forking or building on the theme

in reply to yoast — 8:44pm Aug 30 2011 —

@yoast I think removing entirely the <title> tag from 2011′s header.php is going to confuse most. Why not <title><?php function ?></title> ?

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On YOURLS Blog: YOURLS goodies: forums, nightly builds and hook list.

7:41pm Aug 30 2011 —

@mdoucette thanks for the kind words! Yeah YOURLS is a fun project :)

in reply to mdoucette — 4:24pm Aug 30 2011 —

I approve! :) RT @wpcandy: @jaredatch is giving away two copies of Professional WordPress Plugin Development on his blog

3:46pm Aug 30 2011 —

@wptavern what the fork? No, it’s catchy yet true I think

in reply to wptavern — 8:59am Aug 30 2011 —

Hey, comment spam is more expensive than I’d thought: $5 for 12,000 “comments backlinks”

7:10am Aug 30 2011 —

@yoast wpcandy or WLTC or your own are the best options IMHO

in reply to yoast — 4:57pm Aug 29 2011 —

@scribu why, yes, about every time someone files an issue or support request :)

in reply to scribu — 4:49pm Aug 29 2011 —

@yoast @wptavern or just simplicity. Every time there’s a 3rd party involved in commenting (FB, disqus, whatever) I just don’t comment.

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@Basem_A Still broken on small screen. That’s a huge shame and I have to stop using the site because of this :(

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@yoast what, you still haven’t blacklisted/spam anything containing “groupon”?

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Found out about command line utility ack via @boone. Consequently, grep has been fired without pay.

2:24pm Aug 28 2011 —