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in reply to AlexMielus — 9:19pm Aug 27 2011 —

Impressive stats so far! RT @code_wise: WP Questions has 5,000 members… (cc @sareiodata for next issue ;)

7:27pm Aug 27 2011 —

@Ipstenu yeah I definitely will try to test first. The thing is, I’ve never seen this kind of product in any shop…

in reply to Ipstenu — 10:04pm Aug 26 2011 —

@Ipstenu definitely intrigued :-) Probably going to buy & try a pair

in reply to Ipstenu — 9:52pm Aug 26 2011 —

@Ipstenu don’t they dampen the sound? like all bass and no high/treble sounds?

in reply to Ipstenu — 9:46pm Aug 26 2011 —

Just found out about bone conduction headphones. Seems too good to be true. Anyone ever tried this?

9:35pm Aug 26 2011 —

Another “jsfiddle” for PHP and many more languages: (thanks @yahelc)

8:25pm Aug 26 2011 —

@stephdau way useful! For instance like, errr….. like when @ronalfy tweets a base64_decode() snippet and makes you curious :)

in reply to stephdau — 8:23pm Aug 26 2011 —

Awesome: just found, an online PHP compiler, just like jsfiddle but for PHP. Example:

8:13pm Aug 26 2011 —

Cool flowchart that shows what happen to money prizes on

7:43pm Aug 26 2011 —

@ptahdunbar Get well dude!

in reply to ptahdunbar — 6:28am Aug 26 2011 —

Saw the man live 2 months ago, it was a *blast* RT @OfficialOzzy: Happy 60th to @RobHalford!

8:38pm Aug 25 2011 —

I hope @twitter’s links are effective against malware & stuff… Cause I really dislike them.

7:55pm Aug 25 2011 —

@hatebreed hmm… Not sure that deluge of consecutive “Come to…” is the best way to use Twitter :)

in reply to hatebreed — 7:38pm Aug 25 2011 —

@sareiodata would be interesting to read an article on how you use CPT and then plug into Mailchimp

in reply to sareiodata — 6:45pm Aug 25 2011 —

@Ramoonus yeah that’s an idea *coughplugindevbookcough* cc @sareiodata

in reply to Ramoonus — 6:42pm Aug 25 2011 —

@sareiodata well deserved! Only glitch was the mail subject: “0″

in reply to sareiodata — 4:23pm Aug 25 2011 —

Just received my first newsletter. Really good, concise, well put. Enjoyed it.

4:00pm Aug 25 2011 —

@justintadlock small glitch: there’s a huge image of a Mac. Didn’t you hear those are outdated since yesterday? :)

in reply to justintadlock — 3:23pm Aug 25 2011 —

@boone plus, clients expect that you code quickly — hence reuse code from previous projects, but THEIR project? no, don’t reuse after!

in reply to boone — 3:22pm Aug 25 2011 —