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@1xBet_Francais vous êtes au courant que sponsoriser des films piratés est littéralement la PIRE com’ que vous puis…

8:05pm Jun 11 2021 —

@1xBet_Eng you know that “sponsoring” pirated movies is *literally* the WORST PR you can make, right? 🤣🤣

8:04pm Jun 11 2021 —

@startme Thanks. Sent an email but had no response so far :)

in reply to startme — 3:44pm Jun 10 2021 —

@materielnet Vous prendriez quelqu’un de surqualifié ? :)

in reply to materielnet — 12:39pm Jun 10 2021 —

@johnbillion @newrelic This is truly hilarious 🤣. I hope they make average of software versions too

in reply to johnbillion — 3:10pm Jun 9 2021 —

@startme Hello there, I’m trying to get in touch with someone about the domain, which redir…

3:46pm Jun 8 2021 —

@yourlscom hello, I’d like to get in touch with you about the domain, thanks in advance :)

3:24pm Jun 8 2021 —