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@thelarssan oww so you don’t like Mario :(

in reply to thelarssan — 10:16pm Jun 30 2009 —

Check out @f1lt3r’s fun animated Mario background :)

10:10pm Jun 30 2009 —

@nerdaphernalia heh actually I think this is @gamerz idea :)

in reply to nerdaphernalia — 9:21pm Jun 30 2009 —

YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener, a self hosted GPLd TinyURL clone) has been updated to 1.0.1

8:36pm Jun 30 2009 —

@catswhocode Maybe the lesson is that overpromoting (7 tweets or so about the same article) is not that helpful :)

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Firefox 3.5 is out
Did you upgrade yet?

7:07pm Jun 30 2009 —

@derekslenk I’m currently viewing the issues you posted, will mail you back. As for ideas, great: email me, if OK we’ll ask you a patch

in reply to derekslenk — 5:49pm Jun 30 2009 —

I’m currently testing both Topify & Twimailer (better Twitter notification emails) side by side. At first glance, twimailer wins

9:08pm Jun 29 2009 —

RT @nathanrice Everything you wanted to know about the wp-config.php file {neat advanced stuff for hackers}

8:50pm Jun 29 2009 —

RT @weblogtooltips Benchmarking the WordPress Admin Panel

7:18pm Jun 29 2009 —

If anyone is interested, I have a $10.25 promo code for (don’t know conditions) First email to gets it

5:13pm Jun 29 2009 —

@catswhocode In your article all comments or so are spam. “Online Forex”, “Wheelchair Guide”, dude, that looks horrible

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@sjdvda @Latz Ah! thanks for the suggestions, will have a look :)

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@Twitter’s email notifications for new followers suck: no bio, no latest tweets, nothing that tells if you’ll like or dislike a follower

10:19am Jun 28 2009 —

Ongoing study by @vprelovac: WordPress themes and Bounce Rate (if ppl click thru or land then exit) Read & comment

7:10pm Jun 27 2009 —

Gazprom (russian energy co) and the Nigerian gov team up for a Nigerian firm. Named? “Nigaz”. How phonetically unfortunate… Via @andrea_r

7:39pm Jun 26 2009 —

@ryanimel hey fun stuff you did on

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On planetOzh: Massive Migration to WordPress

7:18pm Jun 26 2009 —

Wow, amazing, I found someone in the office who was not aware that MJ had died… Going back to the coffee machine, moonwalking.

9:13am Jun 26 2009 —

@catswhocode I think it’s been proven several times that Digg == traffic != money. Diggers are one time illiterate visitors, mostly.

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