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@Ipstenu @norcross patches welcome when it’s for the benefit of the masses :) A thing to consider :

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@SimlockServer no, not yet, it’s on the todo list

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@jimarnold the thing is, behavior cannot change if nothing has been changed :) Server config or apache config maybe. Dunno. Can’t know :)

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@jimarnold nope. Something has been have changed (rewrite rule, config…) and you need to find it & revert it.

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@seshn cleaned 16 days ago. Google is just lagging behind.

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@trepmal zomg. I demand a video where you’re actually working without bwoingbwoing. This just seems impossible to me :)

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@trepmal ??! you’re actually sitting and working on this??

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@trepmal a.. ball chair? wth is that? Like, there’s a ball inside your chair and you’re sitting on it?

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Attended my first Roller Derby game today with @derbygirls44 : I *looooved* it! What a show!

3:41pm Jun 24 2012 —

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Facepalm of the day and note to myself: before wondering why ads don’t show on a site… disable Adblock. Duh.

9:09am Jun 22 2012 —

@KateGardiner there are a few Chrome extensions to run on top of YOURLS as far as I know (not a user Chrome myself) cc @OPB

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@marvelcat7 it was a week ago but I’ve cleaned it up

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@dexbarrett :-) true story.

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I’m repeatedly telling my kids that playing the guitar is a chick magnet :)

5:15pm Jun 19 2012 —

Always good stuff there: RT @white_shadow: How To Create A Table Of Contents Shortcode

2:21pm Jun 19 2012 —

Everytime I encounter something of the magnitude of The Oatmeal vs Charles Carreon, I worship the Gods of the Internet. This is awesome :)

6:34pm Jun 18 2012 —

@s0ixante Ca donne des idées :) Faire un tweet 1/3 et rien, ou bien sortir le 2/3 l’année suivante…

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RT @Slash: Hellfest is one of my favorite festivals. It always fn’ rocks no matter what. Rain, shine or otherwise. Merci beaucoup! iiii]; )’

1:24am Jun 18 2012 —

That was rather unexpected, but tonight’s Guns N Roses show was a pure blast. Hellfest m/

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