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@s0ixante punaise rien qu’à vue de tutorial du 1° niveau, ce jeu est 10 fois plus compliqué que les regexp elles-memes non?

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@Christophe_Co ces jeux de mots pornographiques évidents (“confesser”! et “concupiscent” pendant qu’on y est?) aggravent ta situation

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@Christophe_Co je suis outré par l’érotisme torride qui se dégage de celle de droite

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@XavierOnWP ah, veinard. Elle m’avais dit pareil mais j’ai jamais eu de nouvelles …

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@XavierOnWP tu as fait le déplacement? a quel cout si ca n’est pas indiscret? J’ai hésité mais capitulé sur le prix des vols :-P

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@nacin @markjaquith that second one is awesome :)

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For YOURLS I have a very permissive license — see Just found the WTFPL which may apply better :)

10:00pm Oct 27 2012 —

To all at #wpcs, have a beer on me you lucky folks

9:40pm Oct 27 2012 —

@MartijnvdVeer see “There is no index page at the root of the install”

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If you need a little helper for your chores, my son is available and not too expensive to hire…

4:29pm Oct 27 2012 — is a very decent online icon/favicon editor

10:37am Oct 27 2012 —

Watched: The cabin in the woods. At first I was like ???? but then I was like ???!!!1!!1!????!!1?

9:38pm Oct 26 2012 —

I bet that’s how @Viper007Bond drives his car…

7:34pm Oct 26 2012 —

Cabernet Sauvignon “Reign in Blood”. Ahah. Want!! m/

6:18pm Oct 26 2012 — All James Bond cars, and very cool horiz + vertical scrolling effects. Personal preference for the Aston Martin DBS :)

4:30pm Oct 26 2012 —

@riklomas Suggestion for @newsycombinator: link to the comment page instead of the story. Less hard to read the discussion

5:41pm Oct 25 2012 —

@ArtemR that really kills it :)

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@trepmal <?php add_action( ‘more_fit’, ‘ozh_says_woot’ ); ?>

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@palad1 oué c’est un peu ça :) Rho et pis arrête tu me fais perdre du temps!

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@unsalkorkmaz yep I know that. I just connect and make a mental note to use keys next time… always next time :)

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