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@palad1 à chaque connection en général je me dis qu’à la prochaine je le ferai mais que là j’ai pas le temps j’en ai pour 2 secondes :P

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@rmccue I don’t think that gets logged in a (user) file, since there’s no session started. I just suck in front of any people watching :)

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My regular fail: open SSH session, type password in clear at the login line

9:46am Oct 24 2012 —

GitLab: open source self hosted Github clone

9:19am Oct 24 2012 —

Sounds like an XKCD “What if”, but apparently, the moon is moving away from the Earth.… #todayilearned

10:35pm Oct 23 2012 —

A community site I run gets virtually no spam (<4/month). Recipe: no URL field in comment form, kill any message POSTed with URL field.

10:06pm Oct 23 2012 —

Neat !! WP readme realtime preview by @steponav… (select markdown flavor in the dropdown menu)

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6:26am Oct 22 2012 —

I had no idea real professional weather balloon (max altitude: 30km!!) were so cheap:… Gotta do something cool with that

6:25am Oct 22 2012 —

@smashingmag it’s missing the cool Notepad++ so I wrote an addendum: Commanding your Text Editor: the Notepad++ Edition

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On planetOzh: Commanding your Text Editor: the Notepad++ Edition

4:50pm Oct 20 2012 —

Wife likes very much RT @markjaquith: This is an amazing compilation of “life hacks”:… I should post my own ones.

3:14pm Oct 20 2012 —

@markjaquith define “significantly less” though

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US debate? Pffff. There are IMPORTANT MATTERS gentlemen. Like, President of Heavy Metal 2012 elections!… Go @RWZombie!

2:09pm Oct 20 2012 —

Note to self: it’s not “find –name” but “find -name” with just one minus. #every #fucking #time

11:19am Oct 20 2012 —

@RandyCraigan but man OF COURSE you can….. There are tons of sample public interfaces everywhere, but you insist in COPYING admin HTML….

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Created for April Fool’s 2010 but I totally missed that one, that awesome one: the XKCD CLI

5:13pm Oct 19 2012 — does a seriously cool job when it comes to custom styling each individual post

5:03pm Oct 19 2012 —

@peepcode really nice post. It lacks a bit of Windows though :) FYI most things are doable out of the box in Notepad++, a popular editor

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@Christophe_Co pour la peine tu feras la bises à Fisk et Bajouille ce soir (mais ne leur dit rien à propos des filles qui sont pas traders)

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