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@ryancduff yeah I can imagine that. I guess each country has its own “leave others speechless” role sometimes :)

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Seriously, USA… You leave the rest of the world speechless sometimes. Free Online Education Now Illegal in Minnesota

4:51pm Oct 19 2012 —

@RandyCraigan Dude it’s not like I’m going to code your homepage for you. Yes, it’s nonces. Again: you CANNOT copy the admin HTML. Wont work

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@Christophe_Co ptin… chuis trop deg.

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@noeltock now that’s seriously awesome, love that :)

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@materielnet de l’annĂ©e…. *2013*. C’est celaaa, oui.

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@nacin pfff. I only file one when it’s 31337.

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@matthillco Sure. Maybe it that can interest others. Otherwise I’ll just close the issue with a rage Invalid WontFix WorksForMe :)

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@tw2113 I think it was one of my chapters. Remember it’s not an Ajax or jQuery chapter, it shows WP concepts, the JS part is minimal

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@RandyCraigan I just explained that in my previous tweet. There’s nothing to “fix”. Code your own homepage without nonces.

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In case you missed it last sunday:

9:27pm Oct 17 2012 —

@RandyCraigan you can have anything on homepage. Just code it. Admin area is *not* static HTML. It has nonces.…

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On planetOzh: Generate Random Pronouceable Words

7:52pm Oct 17 2012 —

@iandstewart but you already had one Konstantin !!1! One is not enough?

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@RandyCraigan this has nothing to do. Not sure what you’re trying to do, but either you’re doing it wrong, or it’s not possible.

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@RandyCraigan modify the admin area? Some stuff can be done with plugins probably, Modify core files at your own risk.

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@donal there’s a log out link for that particular occasions. At least the “Remember me” fields should be checked by default.

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I don’t recall a single time ever not checking the “Remember me” setting on a login form. Ever. Of my life. Stupidest login form field ever.

5:58am Oct 17 2012 —

@RandyCraigan there’s a sample public interface provided in the archive. Read the doc please

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