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@markjaquith looking forward to reading your review in 2 months then :) I too want to buy a plasma over a LCD but not sure about the model

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That’s a fun alternate google domain name: (they should make something cool like short URLs on youtube vids)

10:42pm Nov 29 2009 —

@WPlimits This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard this month.

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@daringfireball cool short URL domain you’re running. What powers it?

11:09pm Nov 27 2009 —

@FOx15 je comprends pas ce que tu appelles “l’├ętape 6″. Mail moi

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@FOx15 autre guide bien:

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@FOx15 suffit de suivre le readme, ou bien…

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@FOx15 hmm?

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For next posts on how do to it right with WordPress, @dd32 seeks suggestions about what should be explained:

8:51am Nov 26 2009 —

Obvious noob tip of the day: never store passwords in plain text RT @Viper007Bond @michaeltorbert Media Temple Hacked

8:01am Nov 26 2009 —

@Viper007Bond cool! I’ve added this to the readme and <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”>

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@fhusson as in what’s coming in 3.0 with the WPMU merge ? :)

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Stuck in a written interview by @wpshoot: “if you had the power to change one thing in WordPress, what would that be?”. Dunno :) Any idea?

7:49pm Nov 25 2009 —

Uber ROFL RT: @epicalex & @iandstewart Please design a logo for me. With pie charts.

5:57pm Nov 25 2009 —

@Exstatica ok will think about this :)

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@Lodewijkvdb plain text comment count: global $wp_ozh_lcc; echo $wp_ozh_lcc[‘count’];

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@Exstatica Small badges of what?

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@lucianop Did you get the answer for the Telepath app? I’m intrigued and don’t own an iPhone :)

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@nathanrice maybe users feeling dumb because they’re a color out of date are just… dumb? :)

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@rmccue yep, Dreamhost is currently experiencing a large network failure, all services are down

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