Tweet Archive for March 2008

planetOzh: WordPress 2.5 ShortCodes API Overview: WordPress 2.5 comes with a very handy API that pl..

10:56am Mar 28 2008 —

planetOzh: Using the Gallery in WordPress 2.5: One of the most impressive and interesting changes i..

7:55am Mar 27 2008 —

planetOzh: More Admin Drop Down Menu Goodness (again): Cool news: WordPress Custom Admin Branding s..

7:57am Mar 25 2008 —

planetOzh: More Admin Drop Down Menu Goodness: Great news: next version of Fluency will support my ..

6:58pm Mar 24 2008 —

planetOzh: Going Down The Slopes: Expect some spam going through and comments stay unanswered, I&#8..

10:56pm Mar 14 2008 —

planetOzh: Per User Custom Stylesheet in WordPress 2.5: WordPress 2.5 introduces a neat option: per..

11:55am Mar 14 2008 —

planetOzh: Five New Things In WordPress 2.5: In a few days, the next blue thing will land: WordPres..

10:56pm Mar 13 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress 2.5 Delayed: WordPress 2.5, initially due today, has been delayed by a week. T..

12:58pm Mar 11 2008 —

planetOzh: About WordPress 2.5 and my Plugins: WordPress 2.5 basically breaking every plugin that w..

2:58am Mar 11 2008 —

planetOzh: Admin Drop Down Menu Grows Older: With WordPress 2.5 and its completely revamped admin i..

9:59pm Mar 10 2008 —

planetOzh: The First Rule Of Wikipedia: Heh: The first rule of Wikipedia is exactly what you’..

9:57pm Mar 9 2008 —

planetOzh: Instant WordPress Beta Build: I just found out something that some will find obvious: fr..

8:59pm Mar 3 2008 —