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@Viper007Bond what? no giant WP sticker on that car?

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@Christophe_Co ça manque d’impartialité ce retweet tout de même ;)

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RT @pwthornton: The. Greatest. Thing. Ever. Arrested Drunk Man Sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” In Its Entirety In Back Of Police Car t.

7:47pm Mar 29 2012 —

@JohnPBloch that, and the article on if PHP were British.

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@EricMann it’s pathetic, seriously. Soppy teenagers in love all movie long. It’s Twilightesque. Not my cup of tea since I’m more than 15.

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Seriously, some movies need a “Warning: Twilight Alert” label.

9:42pm Mar 28 2012 —

The fact that Hunger Games has so high rating on IMDB proves one thing: there are way too many 12 years old girlies who can vote.

9:41pm Mar 28 2012 —

@s0ixante il faut absolument que quelqu’un crée un groupe Facebook pour dénoncer cette situation intolérable.

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@boone {“results”:{“code”:200,”status”:”request successful”,”message”:”Done. Nothing changed”}}

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I need an app that, when I launch a game on my phone during business hours, pops a warning to ask if I’ve locked the bathroom. Seriously.

12:57pm Mar 26 2012 —

@Christophe_Co un petit RT juste pour toi: RT @sickipediabot: You know what they call The Hunger Games in Paris?
Battle Royale with cheese

9:44pm Mar 25 2012 —

@s0ixante t’es un 1337 bassiste?

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@ArtemR ROFL. Indeed. A serious wtfesque wtf.

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@nacin heh, didn’t know precaching was possible. Will investigate that, thanks for the tip!

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@michaeltorbert I think you get a mod email when akismet cant connect, but by the time you moderate akismet could connect & did its job

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@tompoch59 cinq you! Ouais, c’était pas de la tarte à écrire ce livre :)

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You shall not multipass

8:51pm Mar 20 2012 —

News of the moment: our wicked plugin dev book soon to be translated in Korean

2:46pm Mar 20 2012 —

3:06pm Mar 19 2012 —

@jomgapuz thanks for the notice, should be fixed next night

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