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@diegopeinador Nice — adding it to the plugin list

in reply to diegopeinador — 7:57pm Apr 30 2013 —

Livejournal notice: “you have a dormant account blah blah”. Really?! Turns out, I have: Now checking on Geocities :P

10:34am Apr 26 2013 —

@Diftraku oh, indeed. $result[‘html’] is then unset() in functions-api.php. Would be smarter probably not to set it on first place :)

in reply to Diftraku — 9:40am Apr 26 2013 —

@Diftraku not sure what you mean…

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Holy Crap. 3 Pull Requests on YOURLS from 3 different people in the last 15 minutes.

8:35pm Apr 25 2013 —

@tnorthcutt can’t get enough of those Tibetan UTF8 chars, I want to use them everywhere :)

in reply to tnorthcutt — 5:37pm Apr 25 2013 —

I think I have the most cheerful way to decline patch proposals:

4:28pm Apr 25 2013 —

@gboone42 heh, funny coincidence indeed :) cc @williamsba @justintadlock

in reply to gboone42 — 3:19pm Apr 25 2013 —

Are you a YOURLS coder? Let and be your friends!

7:37pm Apr 24 2013 —

How-to: generate nightly builds from a SVN repository

4:51pm Apr 24 2013 —

@johnpbloch phpnamespacesaretoouglytooread

in reply to johnpbloch — 3:08pm Apr 24 2013 —

@rmccue FYI: duplicate tag (?) on Also, the github page says download 1.5 from master, but tags are 1 year old?

1:48pm Apr 24 2013 —

So, @AP is back but they didn’t have enough sense of humor to keep the fake tweet online? So disappointing.

1:04pm Apr 24 2013 —

@hidgw all this doesn’t matter. I mean, they take zombies down by SHOOTHING THEM IN THE CHEST! I’m reporting this to Zombie TV Authorities.

in reply to hidgw — 9:24am Apr 24 2013 —

@hidgw what, you don’t like light red / pinkish blood or cheap makeup? :)

in reply to hidgw — 9:20am Apr 24 2013 —

Zombieland, the TV series: rather funny, but, dude, most zombically inaccurate show ever.

9:03am Apr 24 2013 —

Another Star Wars + Calvin & Hobbes mashup tshirt. Oh my.… Would go well along with

8:37pm Apr 23 2013 —

Some things, when changed, seem odd at first, but after you’ve used them for a while you think they’re better. And there’s Gmail Compose.

7:58pm Apr 23 2013 —

The one thing in PHP I hate with raging passion: PEAR. Aarrrggghh. Can. Never. Get. This. Crap. To. Run.

3:18pm Apr 23 2013 —

@chimeno a few things resemble PDO but it’s mysqli and has very simple syntax. Check

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