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Playing a bit with Meekro, a PHP mysqli class. Braindead easy to use.

9:46pm Apr 22 2013 —

@slopjong Python is greek to me :) (I tried to run the file and all I get is a syntax error on a print statement)

in reply to slopjong — 4:27pm Apr 22 2013 —

Fun experiment:

6:57am Apr 22 2013 —

@7nk <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”>

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I guess it’s because of explosive chocolate eggs.

9:35pm Apr 21 2013 —

4:34pm Apr 21 2013 —

@7nk If you upload it somewhere, I’ll mention it in the plugin list. It’ll help other begin with plugins

in reply to 7nk — 6:21pm Apr 20 2013 —

@longjasonm no problem, have fun with YOURLS

in reply to longjasonm — 5:21pm Apr 20 2013 —

@CorsairesNantes Rhaaaa. Pas pu assister à ce match. On compte sur le live report pour nous faire vivre la rencontre minute par minute!

in reply to CorsairesNantes — 5:20pm Apr 20 2013 —

@7nk :) I didn’t apply the label, maybe Léo did. I usually use it for real stupid issues, yours was more a beginner question than a stupid 1

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in reply to longjasonm — 8:06am Apr 20 2013 —

@7nk somewhere between trivial and easy, depending on what you’d want.

in reply to 7nk — 4:11pm Apr 19 2013 —

@7nk nope… why would you want this? You don’t trust Github’s servers?

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If I was an astronaut, I would just goof and play around with all things all day long :)…

8:10am Apr 19 2013 —

I’m slightly lost, can anyone confirm: original PHP ezSQL PDO class connects to an SQLite server? Not a MySQL server?

7:40am Apr 19 2013 —

@bobWP yep, same range of error for me. I think it’s not really accurate for gamers or computer nerds using a mouse all day long :)

in reply to bobWP — 7:42pm Apr 18 2013 —

@Christophe_Co Tiens, un site pour toi quand tu t’ennuies (?)

in reply to Christophe_Co — 7:24pm Apr 18 2013 —

Fun: guesses your age based on mouse click accuracy. And it works! It guessed exactly the age I think I should be :)

7:16pm Apr 18 2013 —

@Christophe_Co ah sympa, j’avais raté ce billet. Je suis grand fan de Mucha depuis toujours :)

in reply to Christophe_Co — 8:43pm Apr 17 2013 —

@DreamHost that link leads to a sproutsocial login form. Not sure if intentional…

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