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Just committed an update to my Admin Drop Down Menu Download counter soon to pass the half-million mark. Wow :)

6:15pm Jun 30 2011 —

@lanevance Akismet is usually very good (that’s the only spam plugin I’m using on all my blogs, and there’s still some manual moderation)

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@dd32 good to know! Thanks for the answer

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#lazyweb: if I update a plugin with a readme that says it’s for WP 3.2, will users on 3.1.x get the update notification? @westi @nacin

8:43am Jun 30 2011 —

I have 3137 followers. Looks like a gamer’s typo.

8:26am Jun 30 2011 —

@lanevance hate 3rd party stuff: register, receive more spam & newsletters, provide no service to me. Regular comment system FTW.

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RT @smithopathic: Somehow, “hot chicks fighting nazi robots” didn’t get my brother to watch Sucker Punch with me. I think he might be gay .

10:57pm Jun 29 2011 —

Just watched Sucker Punch. O.M.F.G. I’m all gobsmacked jaw dropped all over the place, with an extatic non removable smile on my face

10:18pm Jun 29 2011 —

Not to brag or anything, but Google is looking more and more like a WordPress blog with my Admin Drop Down plugin ;)

8:34pm Jun 29 2011 —

AH! I hadn’t noticed till now the “URL sentences” on @wpcandy’s forums. Neat, neat :)

8:27pm Jun 29 2011 —

@VanCantoBand voted! And, guys, you *need* to come to Hellfest Open Air next year. Get in touch with the staff!

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@benkenobi07 je crois que tu es passé à coté de la blague… :)

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@dustydean Loathe updating? But… it’s just one click within the admin panel? Can’t be easier & faster!

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@jennalanger where’s the “delete my account” link? why auto opt to “many emails + newsletters”?

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WordPress rumors: don’t update, there’ll be a release in a couple of hours!

7:13pm Jun 29 2011 —

@ifoundbacon good pick :)

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@CypherUK same suckage to me. I really hate to have to register to a site to comment, let alone a 3rd party site

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@Krogsgard plus, when you register, you’re auto opt in for newsletters and stuff. Utter crap, @livefyre

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@GarySpate thanks for the kind words :)

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