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@yourwebsitesUX actually I understand why it seems to work on your site. You don’t have any page, do you? Smthing like

9:33pm Dec 31 2011 —

@yourwebsitesux I don’t even understand how this can work with WP & YOURLS at the same root, no matter what version running

in reply to yourwebsitesUX — 9:19pm Dec 31 2011 —

@mikeschinkel heh :) I’m using both Chrome & FF, but can’t find anything better than Firebug on FF :)

in reply to mikeschinkel — 12:10am Dec 30 2011 —

@technosailor There’s no fix to overzealotry from browsehappy folks I’m afraid cc @ipstenu @helenhousandi @curtismchale

in reply to technosailor — 10:01pm Dec 29 2011 —

The current trunk of WP warns me about my browser being “out of date” because I’m using Firefox 8?? C’mon guys.

9:45pm Dec 29 2011 —

@theandystratton It’s OK. We’ve all the same years back then. Been there, drunk that :) @JohnPBloch @ryancduff

in reply to theandystratton — 3:14pm Dec 29 2011 —

@ryancduff you just cant predict the number of tasteless nerds ;)

in reply to ryancduff — 2:11pm Dec 29 2011 —

Why, of course it’s cult. Google search for “Drupal Tattoo”: 1,370 results. “Joomla Tatto”: 2,580. “WordPress Tatto”: 13,500 #justsayin

1:54pm Dec 29 2011 —

@Christophe_Co Enfonçage de portes ouvertes, pas d’humour, sarcasme, ironie ni aucune valeur ajoutĂ©e, aucun style… Nul ce site non? :-)

in reply to Christophe_Co — 2:49pm Dec 27 2011 —

@torbjorn_s it’s just a plugin I run on the local dev box that prints a CSS block with a custom background color…

in reply to torbjorn_s — 12:05pm Dec 27 2011 —

Apps installed so far: Google Earth, Angry Birds of course, Evernote, Flipboard, Eyewitness, Cut the Rope.

8:47pm Dec 26 2011 —

Thanks everybody for all the app suggestions, gotta try a few now :)

5:15pm Dec 26 2011 —

The wife got an iPad for xmas (not from me though). What are your favorite apps I should try?

3:23pm Dec 26 2011 —

Seems that one of my gifts for Christmas was breaking the 4000 followers barrier. Cool :) Merry Christmas to all!

6:11pm Dec 25 2011 —

@redwall_hp it can be quite hard to get the hang, especially when there’s so many old bastards like me with 10+ years experience around :)

in reply to redwall_hp — 11:21pm Dec 24 2011 —

@redwall_hp yep, Quakelive

in reply to redwall_hp — 11:17pm Dec 24 2011 —

@Viper007Bond c’mon, play some real fast stuff, Quake is still alive and kicking these days :)

in reply to Viper007Bond — 11:14pm Dec 24 2011 —

@sivel Having my wife’s parents home for a week, I plus-one you.

in reply to sivel — 11:13pm Dec 24 2011 —

Yet another SAW movie! Saw Xmas #lol

12:53pm Dec 24 2011 —

One Christmas tree and a ton of gifts: that’s how we roll in my family #timelapse

9:23pm Dec 23 2011 —