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@LEMONed my plugin sucks? Please leave some constructive comment on the plugin page :)

in reply to LEMONed — 11:12pm Jun 30 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress Plugin Coding Tips

8:54pm Jun 30 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress SVN Now Twittered

6:49am Jun 30 2008 —

planetOzh: Send Your SVN Commits to Twitter

9:14am Jun 28 2008 —

planetOzh: Better Feed for WordPress: Now Even More Better!

7:01pm Jun 27 2008 —

planetOzh: This is Official: I Hate Firefox’s “Awesome” Bar

8:16pm Jun 25 2008 —

Doh. Bike accident tonight while going back from work, my chest is a bit wounded. It hurts when I laugh :-(

8:27pm Jun 24 2008 —

planetOzh: DreamHost Invitation Codes (for Ridiculous Bandwidth and Storage)

5:15pm Jun 14 2008 —

@bentair you think twitter spammers build up good reputation?

in reply to bentair — 7:42am Jun 14 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress Sucks Because… Hmm… Well, In Fact, It Doesn’t.

7:45pm Jun 13 2008 —

Planning scuba diving in Mexico (Yucatan, Cozumel, Cenotes). Any tips someone?

10:11pm Jun 12 2008 —

planetOzh: Link Love: a Site for American Tourists (and Others) in Paris

7:14pm Jun 8 2008 —

planetOzh: About Plugins and Roles in WordPress MU: WordPress MU is a hacked version of WordPress t..

9:56pm Jun 5 2008 —

planetOzh: How to Increase your Feed Subscribers: Don’t Miss Twitter: Increasing the number of your..

6:54pm Jun 4 2008 —

planetOzh: Google Gets a New Favicon: Did you notice? I’ve just seen that Google has a new fa..

6:52am Jun 2 2008 —