Tweet Archive for December 2007

planetOzh: Gmail Vulnerability: Has Your Account Been Compromised?: This is a truly scary story : D..

9:52pm Dec 25 2007 —

planetOzh: Predictions for 2008: Facebook acquisition, Google decline or Microsoft social network: ..

9:52pm Dec 25 2007 —

planetOzh: PHP, Perl, Ruby, Cobol… Where Do They Come From?: The World of Hello World: some guy has..

4:53pm Dec 15 2007 —

planetOzh: Hack Facebook: Hide All Ads: Remove All Facebook Ads: the only Greasemonkey script for F..

11:52pm Dec 7 2007 —

planetOzh: Gmail Labels: Look, It’s Colorful!: Gmail implemented a very cool feature (or at least i..

7:55pm Dec 4 2007 —

planetOzh: Facebook Prettier Profile URL: One of the lesser advertised and known feature of Faceboo..

9:53am Dec 3 2007 —

planetOzh: Didn’t Know About Google’s Music Search…: I just found out about Google’s Music Se..

9:52pm Dec 2 2007 —

planetOzh: Deactivate Your Spam Shields For One Day ?: Some dude is going to deactivate his spam pr..

8:54pm Dec 1 2007 —