Tweet Archive for November 2007

planetOzh: Gmail Broken or What ?: What’s wrong with GMail these days? I seem to receive mail..

9:06pm Nov 29 2007 —

planetOzh: Where the Hell is my Perfect MP3 Player ?: Christmas is approaching and I’m thinki..

9:54pm Nov 26 2007 —

planetOzh: : In the best case scenario, captchas annoy me. In most cases, I can’t even read t..

9:33pm Nov 25 2007 —

planetOzh: Fun Quizz: Name HTML Elements: I named 47 HTML elements in 5 minutes. Damn. I missed 44…

5:24pm Nov 23 2007 —

planetOzh: I Want Two More Feed Subscriber: Just two more feed readers and I’ll break the 300..

3:28pm Nov 23 2007 —

planetOzh: From AVI (or YouTube) to MP3: My kids are currently watching, again and again and again,..

7:56pm Nov 19 2007 —

planetOzh: Breaking News: Wikimedia €25 Richer: From time to time, about once a month or so, I make..

9:27pm Nov 14 2007 —

planetOzh: Hand Fart Music (NSFW, this is too funny): This is hilarious, and then beyond hilarity y..

10:54pm Nov 12 2007 —

planetOzh: Pick your Phobia: One of my favorite blog ever, Colour Lovers, has a very interesting en..

8:55pm Nov 12 2007 —

planetOzh: Replying to Comments Has Never Been So Enjoyable: Introducing Absolute Comments: I&#8217..

10:59pm Nov 5 2007 —

planetOzh: WordPress Theme Design Competition: Design Vitality is running a WordPress Theme Competi..

10:55am Nov 5 2007 —