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@wnPerez Lots of blog posts on the internet, nothing like a forum that I know of. It’s just usually very simple jus…

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@wnPerez the setup of what?

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@rmccue @markjaquith I don’t get how this is better than simple snake case. “this is very readable”, also “this_is_…

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@Domadis Unrelated. Once you remove the plugin, all you get is strings like <!–wsa:bleh–> that become just invisible HTML comments

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@hellfestopenair C’est surement que c’est LA seule question sur laquelle on attend tous une amélioration de l’organisation :)

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@s0ixante Assez impressionnant de voir à quel point des gens sont doués pour ne pas planifier les choses au delà de 2 à 3 secondes :)

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@hellfestopenair De retour du @DownloadFestFR, orga impec, zéro queue nulle part, j’espère que cette année la Cathédrale sera plus rapide :)

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@Support Case 58760934 closed but NOT resolved.

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@rmccue @polevaultweb Little late on this after a week end offline, but you can count on a little help from me for Requests obviously :)

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Twilio resets all password that don’t meet their security policy. How is this possible without storing passwords as plain texts?

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@rmccue 6,6,start.
Yes, more than a minute, but so faster that’s a no brainer :)

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