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@nathanrice Thanks :)

in reply to nathanrice — 8:08pm Feb 25 2017 —

Gotta love @evernote‘s details: “Available now on all platforms except Windows and Web on IE and Firefox”. Not confusing at all. All Clear.

10:45pm Feb 13 2017 —

@MrMajeur pas sur mon bot en tous cas. Je ne suis plus sur IRC depuis longtemps

in reply to MrMajeur — 9:03pm Feb 11 2017 —

@MrMajeur oué, !lamoule sur #sarl et quelques autres channels

in reply to MrMajeur — 6:29pm Feb 11 2017 —

Extremely infuriating indeed :(

11:33am Feb 11 2017 —

@rmccue waiting for your live update of @norcross‘ heartbeat pace now

in reply to rmccue — 12:29am Feb 8 2017 —

@NIMISHMACK I Guess You Should Check The Plugin List. Also, Most Boring Way Ever To Write, What The Fuck Is That Stupid Idea.

in reply to NIMISHMACK — 8:20pm Feb 5 2017 —