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@Spoonflower Just discovered you, super tempted to buy awesome giftwrap… How safely do you ship to EU? Hard cardboard tube?

6:38am Nov 25 2015 —

@Metalliquoi aaaaaaaaaaaah le voilà enfin l’épisode sur Megadeth, second meilleur groupe de l’univers? :)

in reply to Metalliquoi — 8:15pm Nov 22 2015 —

And during week-ends, @williamsba has a fun prankster hobby

8:10pm Nov 22 2015 —

@evidex I’ve read a few when my kids discovered this, I enjoyed :)

in reply to evidex — 11:11am Nov 12 2015 —

Sent an email to Robert Muchamore (writer of teen novels “CHERUB”) and he replied. Kids are thrilled :)

10:51am Nov 12 2015 —

@Otto42 I hope it also occurred to you that you should sell your car since you obviously dont need one :)

in reply to Otto42 — 7:05am Nov 12 2015 —

@joelgratcyk my whole coding activity is stalling at the moment

in reply to joelgratcyk — 3:25pm Nov 11 2015 —

@joelgratcyk Hi Joel, yeah, sorry, I have no more time for this

in reply to joelgratcyk — 12:44pm Nov 11 2015 —

Massive phishing campain against various registrars; got a few mails myself.…

6:36am Nov 3 2015 —

Best Reddit thread ever…

10:15pm Nov 2 2015 —