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@joetek so it’s something about comment spam on a culinary tech blog, right? :)

4:56pm Jun 27 2013 —

Yoda truth speaks

6:58am Jun 27 2013 —

@troelsflensted not sure what the API could do here, probably. Depends on what you need.

in reply to troelsflensted — 8:52pm Jun 26 2013 —

@AdmW_ not sure. Check <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”>

in reply to AdmW_ — 3:55pm Jun 26 2013 —

@ArtemR ah, no, it changed already. It was: “bukkake scenes will never be the same” :Þ

in reply to ArtemR — 9:00am Jun 26 2013 —

@Christophe_Co rhooo…. alors que “Pain & Gain” aurait été si amusant :)

in reply to Christophe_Co — 8:45am Jun 26 2013 —

The Do It Yourself Doodler. I want one (to check how miserably I’ll fail at doing something cool with it, alas)…

7:54pm Jun 25 2013 —

@norcross I got a enquiry for a WP + YOURLS gig that sounds interesting (no idea of budget) but have no time. Interested?

7:37pm Jun 25 2013 —

@ArtemR current top comment on that youtube video: priceless :)

in reply to ArtemR — 7:34pm Jun 25 2013 —

The new PHP site has an auto-complete search box. Nice welcome little change.…

8:45am Jun 25 2013 —

Hellfest kids. They can’t wait to get old enough and take their dad to heavy metal festivals too :-)

3:46pm Jun 24 2013 —

@danhgilmore I’ve discovered that band just days ago. I don’t get why they’re not insanely more famous, they were top notch!

in reply to danhgilmore — 1:15pm Jun 24 2013 —

Slowly back online after 3 days of Hellfest. Once again, an *awesome* festival. Highlights: Bad Religion, Volbeat, Def Leppard, Terror. m/

1:07pm Jun 24 2013 —

@tomslominski thanks, I’ll remove it if the author doesn’t resuscitate it

in reply to tomslominski — 5:01pm Jun 20 2013 —

@ctrloptcmd any chance you revive… ?

5:00pm Jun 20 2013 —

Quick poll: does anyone still uses FriendFeed? I’m pondering whether I should remove the default “Share on FriendFeed” link in YOURLS…

3:56pm Jun 20 2013 —

@ArtemR oww yeah, had totally forgotten about that. Thanks :)

in reply to ArtemR — 10:01pm Jun 19 2013 —

@ArtemR where do you get those numbers & graphs from? gmailmeter?

in reply to ArtemR — 9:57pm Jun 19 2013 —

@Vernon_J_ broken since Twitter API change last week, I’ll fix that later

in reply to Vernon_J_ — 9:37pm Jun 19 2013 —

Best pizzeria in the world: there’s a mini foosball! And it’s a Bonzini! And I won all the games vs wife & kids!

6:57pm Jun 19 2013 —