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@_Bashar heh, the guys is most likely charging just to install something existing, like YOURLS or something else :) (which is fine, really)

in reply to _Bashar — 3:13pm Jun 28 2015 —

It was a good night :-)

11:06pm Jun 27 2015 —

Wines for tonight: check

11:24am Jun 27 2015 —

Unlike most online companies (Github, Tumblr, Reddit) Google hasn’t rainbowed their logo, but has this easter egg:…

10:59am Jun 27 2015 —

This is going too far: 🍀 aka 4 is an emoji based programming language

7:09am Jun 24 2015 —

@RadioMetal C’est quoi GDP ?

in reply to RadioMetal — 9:35am Jun 22 2015 —

Seen today: Skyforger, Melechesh, Sodom, Motorhead, Lamb of God, Alice Cooper, 5FDP, Children of Bodom, Satyricon, Judas Priest, Slipknot :)

1:33am Jun 20 2015 —

Ready for summer and Hellfest m/

4:40pm Jun 17 2015 —

@joetek “cependant”, “toutefois”.. dafuq?

in reply to joetek — 8:26pm Jun 15 2015 —

@hellfestopenair (sont contraints d’annuler)

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@hellfestopenair je dois donner une 10aine de CD de mon groupe à des amis avec qui j’ai RDV sur place, pas de pb pour la fouille? #ASKFH

in reply to hellfestopenair — 5:33pm Jun 14 2015 —

@joetek Note the “Feedback” link below this result, it shall be hammered :)

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@s0ixante il fallait qu’il conclut le bouquin de manière bankable pour Hollywood :)

in reply to s0ixante — 3:36pm Jun 9 2015 —

@s0ixante mwarf le trailer qui montre toute l’histoire… Sérieux il manque, quoi, les 15 dernières pages?

in reply to ozh — 3:24pm Jun 9 2015 —

@s0ixante il se trouve que j’ai terminé le bouquin hier… Super suggestion, j’ai bien accroché :) Vivement le film naze!

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RT @official_php: Twenty years ago today, PHP was released! How time has flown. Here’s to twenty more great years! #20yearsofphp http://t.c…

6:13am Jun 9 2015 —

@vnccc and it’s awesome! Incidentally, my most starred project on @github also contains no code: :)

in reply to vnccc — 7:59pm Jun 8 2015 —

I don’t use G+ because bleh, but the real motivation in avoiding it is just to see the notification counter grow :)

7:48pm Jun 8 2015 —

Geekest project of the week-end: Paris metro lines as Git branches graph.…

8:04pm Jun 7 2015 —

Post support request emails from Dreamhost link to… to let you rate them. Huge endorsement! Congrats @wpbeginner :-)

7:39pm Jun 6 2015 —