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@7Lowe Fixed with the upcoming next version of the plugin, since it uses OAuth (no more password to enter)

in reply to 7Lowe — 12:27am Jul 28 2010 —

@IntNorbertCon YOURLS definitely runs on Windows (I develop on a win test box)

in reply to IntNorbertCon — 12:23am Jul 28 2010 —

@perishable very cool. I’ll do something similar when I’m back from my holidays :)

in reply to perishable — 8:12am Jul 18 2010 —

@ylevine No ETA. Never :)

in reply to ylevine — 6:25am Jul 18 2010 —

@dustydean Dunno. They state they “do not believe that this is an infrastructure issue” though (ie “WE SWEAR THIS TIME NOT OUR FAULT!!1″ :)

in reply to dustydean — 10:25pm Jul 16 2010 —

@_mfields cool list!

in reply to _mfields — 10:07pm Jul 16 2010 —

Seems there’s a new exploit affecting WordPress users on MediaTemple

10:06pm Jul 16 2010 —

So, according to my followers, some people do use WP Links and wonder “why the f* are they not handled as custom post type??”. Indeed.

9:48pm Jul 16 2010 —

Is anyone still using the “Links” in WordPress? (ie the “Add New Link” admin page). Just wondering.

9:40pm Jul 16 2010 —

I need function apply_filter() to be declared and an alias of apply_filters() in WordPress. I *always* get it wrong damnit.

8:37pm Jul 16 2010 —

Did an audiogram today: I’m getting a bit deaf with hi freq sounds Too much Motorhead live shows I guess…

5:58pm Jul 16 2010 —

@jan_dembowski actually I didn’t find any malicious stuff and anyway it’s just for my localhost test

in reply to jan_dembowski — 8:28pm Jul 15 2010 —

@carlhancock that’ll be part of the fun of course :)

in reply to carlhancock — 6:36pm Jul 15 2010 —

Heh, there are torrents for Thesis 1.7, I’d never thougth of that. Yes, I’m going to try it. No, I don’t feel ashamed.

6:30pm Jul 15 2010 —

@glennansley heh, that video was recorded in 1999 :) (the first digital camera I’ve ever played with, I was all excited!)

in reply to glennansley — 6:02pm Jul 15 2010 —

@andrea_r @dougal you got it right :)

in reply to andrea_r — 5:46pm Jul 15 2010 —

My kids vlogged how holidays went so far: (in fwench)

5:33pm Jul 15 2010 —

@Christophe_Co ben, j’avais du le rater aussi. Connaissais pas. Vraiment très excellent :)

in reply to Christophe_Co — 11:08am Jul 15 2010 —

@nacin So, you found a backdoor in Thesis thanks to code you wrote and you hacked everything down? ;)

in reply to nacin — 7:51am Jul 15 2010 —

@wpsmort interrupting my offline holidays to send a big thank you, I got a letter from you :) Cheers!

6:23pm Jul 14 2010 —