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Holy cow, Batman!

7:48pm Feb 28 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress Snippet: add_meta_box(): To add custom content to the “Write” admin pages (whe..

9:06pm Feb 25 2008 —

planetOzh: Migrating from WordPress 2.3 to 2.5: Migrating Plugins from 2.3 to 2.5. WordPress coders..

3:55pm Feb 16 2008 —

planetOzh: Reboot Crashed iPod Nano: I finally got an iPod Nano 3G (after much pondering) and it&#8..

10:54pm Feb 14 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress 2.5 : Preview the Admin Area: If you don’t have an SVN install to play w..

7:57am Feb 14 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress Snippet: Complete List of Posts: PLAIN TEXT PHP:


7:53am Feb 11 2008 —

planetOzh: WordPress Snippets: I’m a reader of the wp-hackers mailing list. Besides some fairly use..

7:53am Feb 11 2008 —

planetOzh: Prologue Theme Zip Download: The increasingly popular Prologue theme now has a dedicated..

8:53am Feb 7 2008 —

planetOzh: PuTTy With Tabs: PuTTy Connection Manager: PuTTy with tabs. This is awesomely awesome. I..

10:50pm Feb 1 2008 —