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@golddave it’s already there, my personal archive just reflects what’s on github

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Meet the new generation of image slider in Master Slider *ad

3:50pm Apr 30 2014 —

Cool tweak to my Tweet Archive theme: segregating Tweets from Tweets+Replies, like Twitter does

3:23pm Apr 30 2014 —

@ftoprak as I said, I won’t add this to it but feel free to fork and customize it to your likings

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@ftoprak I don’t plan on adding localization into it, thanks

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@BoiteAWeb oué c’est sympa aussi ça… :)

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Support issues I dig: “Hi, I’m a total noob/can’t code. How do I <question about totally refactoring a core part of your project>?”

8:17pm Apr 29 2014 —

@LeFerrailleur Pour pisser.

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@helenhousandi yeah, that timing isn’t great AT ALL :)

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@helenhousandi not all WP redesigns have been as successful as current UI. The 2.5 era had lots of posts to “fix” (aka revert) the GUI

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@solarthread that same file, but I doubt you’re going somewhere if you don’t know basic PHP

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@solarthread edit your custom script to not accept keywords then………….

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@solarthread removing a box in a form doesn’t change the script that handles the form.…

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@Christophe_Co doivent carburer au Larousse:…

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@s0ixante c’était comment?

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@magaligam tu peux pas comprendre :)

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Searching an answer related to a query_post trick, I found it on a post from 2008. Memories!

7:38pm Apr 25 2014 — is full of handy awesome tools that make you feel like you know stuff.

5:35pm Apr 25 2014 —

A band to discover: Myrath. Progressive metal, heavy guitars, with an oriental touch. Interesting.

3:06pm Apr 25 2014 —

@boone @markjaquith @helenhousandi “This tweet is funny and I’ll read it again with joy in 1 year” — I read my favs once a year & laugh :)

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