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RT @belakorband: ‘Stone’s Reach’ voted the best melodic death metal album of the past decade at! Very humbled! http:…

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RT @reifman: Excited to share this #WordPress based Twitter archive theme with you by dev @ozh – build search traffic from tweets http://t.…

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RT @ClarkHat: This is hilarious.

MT @anjiecast: European consensus on Greek & German stereotypes……

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#wcparis selfie collection! RT: @glueckpress: @ozh fuckyeah!… with @danielroch

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WordCamp Paris slides: Unit Tests for WordPress plugins

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RT @remicorson: Une petite video rapide faite à l’iPhone du #wcparis dispo ici:

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My WordCamp Paris slides about unit testing your WordPress plugins:… (link in readme)

6:23pm Jan 25 2015 —

Youngest WordCamp Paris attendee was super cute :) #wcparis @developpeuseWeb

11:52pm Jan 24 2015 —

Just gave my first WordCamp talk ever, on unit testing your WP code. The feedback is great so far :-) #wcparis

10:49am Jan 24 2015 —

This song is truly one of the most beautiful things I know.… m/

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Question du jour: dans le TGV, vais-je gonfler tout le wagon si je parle à voix haute devant mon PC pour réviser ma prez… #wcparis

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Slides #wcparis terminés. Sauvegardés à 19 endroits, dans le cloud, sur le NAS en Raid, sur clés USB & serveurs FTP. Pas de blagues.

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RT @dimensionmedia: Nice. @chrislema guide to picking a WordPress membership plugin. POSTER SIZE FLOWCHART.… http://t…

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Ce moment quand tu vois que pour tous tes slides et tout ce qu’il y a à dire, il te faudrait plutôt deux heures au lieu d’une… #wcparis

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For non English folks, @stronglang is both educative and entertaining :)

9:12pm Jan 20 2015 —

You know “Buffalo buffalo buffalo …buffalo”, right? Time to spice it up and learn more grammar!…

9:08pm Jan 20 2015 —

Tempted to ask for anonymous feedback via an online form after my WordCamp talk. How would that sound? Cocky? OK? Anyone did it already?

5:23pm Jan 19 2015 —

The amount of work into preparing my upcoming WordCamp talk. Insane.

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