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To apply for a job as Art Director at Bandcamp, you apparently have to be able to decipher rebus :)

9:25pm Apr 26 2016 —

How to use @amazinmaps: 1) Follow them, 2) Reverse image search when interesting, 3) Find original sources & credits, 4) Unfollow them

4:25pm Apr 22 2016 —

Apparently I widely under estimated the impact Prince had for others. Totally B League in my books tbh…

6:32am Apr 22 2016 —

Fuck Off As A Service, that’s clearly the API everyone needs :)

12:09pm Apr 21 2016 —

Sysadmin at a hosting provider accidentally `rm -rf /` and deletes all client data, including backup… Oops……

4:52pm Apr 13 2016 —

So, PHP7 has `??` and will soon have `??=` operators. Not confusing at all :)

11:49am Apr 3 2016 —

On one of my WP sites, random Jetpack files go missing every couple weeks, breaking the site. No evidence of site compromised. Any clue?

5:57pm Apr 1 2016 —

Héhé,keeping this link in mind, could be handy someday: UTF-8 Encoding Debugging Chart…

11:32am Mar 26 2016 —

RT @adamdehaven: I have decided to release the code for ‘ShortTail for YOURLS’ on GitHub under the MIT License @yourls @ozh #yourls https:/…

8:20pm Mar 23 2016 —

RT @rmccue: Wanna patch WordPress via GitHub? Do it right now:
Or read how it works:…

7:14am Mar 22 2016 —

Neat: `curl` in the console to get your nerdy weather forecast

1:48pm Mar 19 2016 —

@ipstenu since last week, on all my sites wp-admin pages return 404 50% of the time, need to refresh several times. Any idea?

10:59am Mar 13 2016 —

OMG Hilarious. Best way EVVVVER to get your socks off :)

7:40pm Mar 10 2016 —

Last time I used Jetpack to share posts on Facebook, it shared post titles. Now it sends an ugly excerpt. WTF Jetpack.

5:57pm Mar 7 2016 —

RT @ThePracticalDev: The last programming book you’ll ever need

10:51pm Mar 4 2016 —

Boom! Free SSL certificates on Dreamhost for everyone with Let’s Encrypt.

8:02am Jan 30 2016 —

@CloudyBay FYI it’s impossible to visit your website, no matter what date of birth, that silly popup window always redirect to drinkwise :(

2:59pm Jan 24 2016 —

Registering a new blog on looks like registering an AOL nickname in 1998. They. Are. All. Registered. Already. FFS.

11:34am Jan 23 2016 —

RT @yourls: Want Buffer to support YOURLS? Have your say:…

8:03am Jan 22 2016 — .-.. — …- . !!

5:20pm Jan 19 2016 —