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Ho noooooes. My mechanical keyboard from 1996 just died :(

9:37am Oct 31 2014 —

Just found out about Google Tables (5 year old experiment they probably forgot to kill). Quite neat. Example:…

2:32am Oct 30 2014 —

@rmccue incoming PR on Requests!

11:21pm Oct 29 2014 —

RT @githubstatus: We’ve reverted to serving default avatars for all users while we work to restore the health of the avatar service.

9:44pm Oct 29 2014 —

Panic!! @github has reset all avatar. Or did they just stop to use @gravatar?

9:42pm Oct 29 2014 —

Just found out that EMP (@emp_de, @emp_france and all their European network sites) are using YOURLS for their URL shortening needs m/ m/

6:19pm Oct 29 2014 —

PHP shares on YOURLS installs: 6.4% run 5.2, 45.7% run 5.3, 36.3% run 5.4, 11.7% run 5.5+

8:38pm Oct 28 2014 —

My kids have very much enjoyed their first TV series, Teen Wolf. Any recommendation for another one, suited for 10/12 yo boys?

3:35pm Oct 28 2014 —

Thought of the day: “WTF review-ninja Github comment”.

8:14pm Oct 27 2014 —

Huge news: WordPress to finally accept pull requests via Github.… So long, SVN.

7:14pm Oct 26 2014 —

Twitpic, season 4, episode 34 : wait, they’re not deleting everything after all.…

6:56pm Oct 25 2014 —

@EpicLPer you mean it’s the best sign of pure epicness! m/ :)

6:45pm Oct 25 2014 —

RT @mcdev: Bitly charges $1000+ a month for custom url shortener, analytics. @yourls is free, same features.
I don’t get this industry some…

6:38pm Oct 25 2014 —

Typical coding: 1 editor, 2 shell windows, 1 winamp, and, wait, 56 tabs open on random lyrics sites because that one song is just so awesome

3:43pm Oct 24 2014 —

If you have some friends running Drupal, tell them they’re SQL injectable and should update ASAP…

9:01pm Oct 15 2014 —

Selling: iPod Classic 160, slightly mutilated by the screwdriver I used to stab it when the fucker didn’t want to show up on device list.

7:33pm Oct 15 2014 —

What does the SSD my main computer boots on and James Brown have in common? Answer:…

4:44pm Oct 15 2014 —

Religion is like a penis

5:11pm Oct 12 2014 —

@levelsio awesome idea with gifbook but why no Paypal? :sadpanda:

3:09pm Oct 12 2014 —

There’s a tech event about WP in my town, with a truly amazing schedule. How about you sponsor it? From 150€

4:32pm Oct 8 2014 —