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RT @johnbillion: I updated my documentation on the emails that get sent out by WordPress. There’s a couple of new ones for 5.5. Retweet if…

2:29pm Aug 13 2020 —

Github’s new design makes me squint my eyes to actually see where the light grey lines are. Tiring.

7:09pm Jun 27 2020 —

My interest for Hey stops at the first sign up screen. If anyone is needing an invite code, feel free to DM me

8:57pm Jun 24 2020 —

In all my future projects:
class ಠ_ಠ extends Exception {

//throw new ಠ_ಠ;

(inspired by a Reddit post)

3:01pm Jun 19 2020 —

So, Github is apparently working on renaming the default branch, from ‘master’ to ‘main’. Political correctness 2.0…

10:37am Jun 13 2020 — creates “nice screenshots of your screenshots”. Very neat for catchy images in your README’s

11:00am Jun 11 2020 —

Using YOURLS and Composer? I’d love your feedback on this:… (a Composer custom installer for…

6:04pm Jun 10 2020 —

Just found out about, a comment system using the Github issues API. Seems super neat for a little site. I like.

4:43pm Jun 9 2020 —

Wondering… WordPress plugin devs, these days, are you still using SVN?

3:04pm Jun 8 2020 —

Hypocrisy backfires quickly these days

9:06pm Jun 7 2020 —

Finally took some time to try @10up actions to publish plugins from Github to WP without ever touching that crap SV…

6:15pm Jun 6 2020 —

Very nice article explaining the concepts of Git merging, I’ll save that for people with no knowledge of this:…

2:25pm May 28 2020 —

Always been a fan of @markjaquith written style. Please someone develop Maurice Moss Voice As A Service (the IT Cro…

2:12pm May 27 2020 —

Very nice YOURLS root page example with latest links and stats:

9:37pm May 25 2020 —

Currently working on updating the DB schema in YOURLS. This will require long MySQL single operations (`ALTER TABLE…

2:54pm May 21 2020 — is fun :) (if you think regexp are fun)

6:04pm May 19 2020 —

@rmccue hello, could you have a look at… when you have a minute? Thanks!

9:46am May 15 2020 —

Neat TIL trick of my day: how to add borders to an image in Github markdown:…

6:32pm May 14 2020 —

Next folk to star YOURLS on Github will be the 6,000th! o/…

11:30pm May 3 2020 —

Hey peeps, I’ve been out of the loop&#x2122; for quite a bit: is there any way to update WP plugins using only GIT and not…

9:36am Apr 29 2020 —