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Amongst other (more important) things, WordPress 4.0.1 fixes a bug potentially affecting users who haven’t logged in since 2008. Heh :))

8:37pm Nov 20 2014 —

Dev of ShortTail, an iOS app for YOURLS, is looking for translaters. Wanna help?…

8:24pm Nov 20 2014 —

8:46pm Nov 19 2014 —

You’re on Reddit? Cool, could you upvote me there please? :) (a cool Youtube API experiment)

8:28pm Nov 13 2014 —

RT @DrScienceCat: Evolution continues as pregnant women are now able to provide free Wi-Fi.

6:00pm Nov 13 2014 —

I’ve just retired my 4:3 19 inches CRT monitor. Now on a 24”. I bet I was the last person you know still using a 4:3 19”? :)

6:55pm Nov 12 2014 —

I absolutely never cook, but I think I want the OCD Chef cutting board……

7:30pm Nov 11 2014 —

My week-end project: The Shreddit Player to play videos submitted to /r/Metal m/ #metal

7:41pm Nov 10 2014 —

I think @idiot might be the best Twitter account ever. Follow. Now.

9:42pm Nov 9 2014 —

RT @idiot: This is why you don’t let developers choose their licence plates:

9:37pm Nov 9 2014 —

RT @infobeautiful: Graphic: Dance moves that catch a lady’s eye (apparently) –

2:42pm Nov 8 2014 —

@rmccue any chance you could look at my PR on Requests any time soon? I’m holding a YOURLS issue on it. Thanks!

9:59pm Nov 3 2014 —

Hey, it’s been a long while since I last said that GistBox is super neat. So: GistBox is super neat!

9:19pm Nov 3 2014 —

RT @chrisaprea: “Always Remember Me” by @ozh is a super underutilized WordPress plugin, very simple and useful though – check it https://t.…

6:09pm Nov 3 2014 —

I just donated a couple beers to Wikipedia. If you like Wikipedia and beer, your should too.

10:47pm Nov 1 2014 —

Someone sent me an email from … I didn’t know there was a .wtf TLD. Now I want a .wtf domain too.

6:39pm Nov 1 2014 —

What’s heavier, feathers or metal? Cool vacuum experiment…

9:19pm Oct 31 2014 —

Turns out my mechanical keyboard from 1996 isn’t dead at all, it was just a DIN connector problem :) Till 2030 baby!

6:31pm Oct 31 2014 —

Ho noooooes. My mechanical keyboard from 1996 just died :(

9:37am Oct 31 2014 —

Just found out about Google Tables (5 year old experiment they probably forgot to kill). Quite neat. Example:…

2:32am Oct 30 2014 —