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#FFA500 is the new #000000 #WPmovies

11:13pm Jun 28 2014 —

En fait Hubert de @Metalliquoi, c’est une brute de musicos… Seek & Destroy, à la basse + gratte + batterie… m/

10:40pm Jun 27 2014 —

If you’re not already, be sure to follow @DerpPress and the #WPmovies hashtag. Fucking hilarious :)

5:11pm Jun 27 2014 —

Yahoo’s captcha to sign in *might* be just a little too much crap…

7:47pm Jun 24 2014 — – best app concept ever I think

9:23pm Jun 23 2014 —

Writing unit tests is 50% coding tests and 50% getting everything to work on Travis just as it works on your test box. Duh.

6:58pm Jun 19 2014 —

Super neat protip: need to var_dump() stuff during a PHPUnit test? Simplest way: fwrite(STDERR, print_r($myvar, TRUE)); #genius

5:53pm Jun 19 2014 —

Bands I’ll see tomorrow: Loudblast, MOD, Septic Flesh, Sepultura, Sabaton, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Slayer. OMFG m/ #hellfest

12:57pm Jun 19 2014 —

My younger has this strange habit of getting disfigured once a year when summer is coming… Stitches. Kids dig.

8:03am Jun 19 2014 —

Little code, big news: WP 4.0 will finally have a filter to disable wptexturize, pet peeve of many people for years

6:59am Jun 19 2014 —

Mails I get about localized plugins: “Hi, here’s a better translation in gk_UR, please update”. Except I can’t judge if it’s better :(

5:33pm Jun 17 2014 —

My WordPress plugins are on Github. Fancy a Pull Request?

5:02pm Jun 17 2014 —

Interesting: aims to be a WordPress plugin that will back files and DB content using Git

4:22pm Jun 17 2014 —

Downloading classes from like it’s 2005 again

7:37pm Jun 16 2014 —

This is Friday the 13th. I wonder how @williamsba will dress today.

5:56am Jun 13 2014 —

Deal: Globalsign is giving free SSL certs to open source projects:…

9:33pm Jun 11 2014 —

@joetek using Tweetdeck and getting pwned by XSS, or just doing PSA @nacin‘s style ? :)

4:40pm Jun 11 2014 —

Major Amazon UI fail: search button (“Go”) is a div, containing a small input button. Clicking the div does nothing, despite visual feedback

3:49pm Jun 11 2014 —

Binary Metal. Like morse code, but more metal…

12:20pm Jun 11 2014 —

RT @CeraInteractive: @GeekPressFR Essayer de faire un code propre avec un CMS c’est comme essayer de faire de la grande cuisine avec des pr…

10:03am Jun 11 2014 —