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Mixed feeling with this, one of them being OMGROFL…

6:41am Oct 6 2015 —

RT @CommitStrip: Internet of Things: Sysadmin@Home, the job of the future!…

7:18pm Oct 5 2015 —

@rmccue Nice work lately on Requests, much appreciated. Consider tagging 1.6.2 ?

8:55am Oct 4 2015 —

“No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens” archive page – The Onion nails it, hard.…

7:37pm Oct 2 2015 —

@Swype I miss the quick access to the regular smiley list in latest update ;-(

2:07pm Sep 20 2015 —

@s0ixante j’ai une réclamation à porter sur ta twitter bio: la citation exacte est “gad damn that was fast” “yea, im a ninja”.

8:18am Sep 19 2015 —

#DSP2020 Parlons coûts: sommes nous déjà compétitif? Quels efforts a faire? (et bises a l’agence ATL)

9:20am Sep 15 2015 —

#DSP2020 quelle évolution pour le management?

9:09am Sep 15 2015 —

@agentfeedback hi there, is there any way to tell Agent that *anyone* phone calling is allowed at night? (instead of selecting contacts)

8:41pm Sep 14 2015 —

@bueltge well no, that silences the phone completely, including phone calls

8:31pm Sep 14 2015 —

I need an Android app to make the phone silent at night (eg no mail or FB notification) *except* for phone calls (from anyone). Advice?

8:26pm Sep 14 2015 —

RT @Slayer: New @Slayer album #Repentless is OUT NOW WORLDWIDE! Pick up your copy at….

5:49am Sep 11 2015 —

Remove telemetry (phone home) updates from Win 7 & 8.1…

11:07am Aug 31 2015 —

RT @_youhadonejob: At least they made it grammatically correct.

10:26pm Aug 22 2015 —

RT @raywongy: Saw this yesterday lol

6:54pm Aug 19 2015 —

This is a Ned Flanders themed metal band. Yep, you heard it right.…

8:31pm Aug 17 2015 —

This past week I’ve been playing Quake like it’s 1999 again! Woohoo o/ OMG I love this game :)

5:25pm Aug 14 2015 —

Best site ever of the day: is a database of paper airplane folding instructions

11:55am Aug 12 2015 —

Just found out that NZ is having a public debate and referendum to change their national flag. Fascinating idea :)

9:36pm Aug 6 2015 —

Smartest basketball move ever (for realz, ever)

9:15pm Aug 6 2015 —