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6:14pm Oct 31 2016 —

@materielnet hello, ça doit être mes yeux, mais j’ai pas trouvé comment on laisse un avis sur un produit acheté sur votre site?? Help :)

3:17pm Oct 24 2016 —

WordCamp Paris slides: Unit Tests for WordPress plugins

6:04am Oct 19 2016 —

5:36pm Oct 17 2016 —

@avast_antivirus super tired of the annoying popup warning me about anything and everything. Where is the option “DONT NAG ME” ?

5:56pm Sep 27 2016 —

@mastjamali again, congratulations, you found how this site works. You rock. Keep going, there are a few thousands emails to get. Have fun.

5:33pm Sep 17 2016 —

RT @joewalnes: Why did no-one tell me HTML natively supports auto-completion?

No JS libs, use <datalist>… http://t.…

4:34pm Aug 9 2016 —

@LANDEYves bah c’était drôle, fallait pas le supprimer celui-là :)

9:05pm Jun 30 2016 —

RT @HackerNewsOnion: Area Barista Not Impressed by Apple Pay Integration #wwdc

7:11pm Jun 13 2016 —

@hellfestopenair Bien reçu ma cashless… mais pas compris comment on rentre quoi dans l’appli Hellfest pour payer depuis le mobile :) Help!

7:46pm Jun 6 2016 —

@belakorband word is there’s a third track on the wild ?? where?!

6:20am May 27 2016 —

5:57am May 20 2016 —

If you’re into PHP, you should probably monitor how this kicks off or not:

9:39pm May 12 2016 —

Got myself into a walking challenge that uses a pedometer app. AH! Lego Technic to the rescue!

6:06pm May 6 2016 —

To apply for a job as Art Director at Bandcamp, you apparently have to be able to decipher rebus :)

9:25pm Apr 26 2016 —

How to use @amazinmaps: 1) Follow them, 2) Reverse image search when interesting, 3) Find original sources & credits, 4) Unfollow them

4:25pm Apr 22 2016 —

Apparently I widely under estimated the impact Prince had for others. Totally B League in my books tbh…

6:32am Apr 22 2016 —

Fuck Off As A Service, that’s clearly the API everyone needs :)

12:09pm Apr 21 2016 —

Sysadmin at a hosting provider accidentally `rm -rf /` and deletes all client data, including backup… Oops……

4:52pm Apr 13 2016 —

So, PHP7 has `??` and will soon have `??=` operators. Not confusing at all :)

11:49am Apr 3 2016 —