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Using phpunit to run phpunit’s unit tests to test a pull request to phpunit. Fun times.

8:42am May 26 2015 —

When looking for a WP plugin, is a very neat resource

5:03am May 26 2015 —

I love how @travisci‘s favicon color changes when your test is pending/passing/failing. Nice touch!

7:42pm May 25 2015 —

Code that works in test.php but fails in a unit test. Hnnngngngnnnnnn.

10:49am May 25 2015 —

Nice project skeleton with all files ready to be edited (.travis.yml, composer, phpunit.xml, etc…)…

9:10pm May 19 2015 —

7:34pm May 19 2015 —

RIP BB King. According to XKCD, he died in a tragic umbrella accident :( <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”>

8:56am May 15 2015 —

Currently looking for villas to rent in Spain. All my emails start with: “I don’t speak much Spanish. Please reply like I’m five” ツ

12:05pm May 13 2015 —

Drool !! RT: @johnbillion: To use this drone, just throw it in the air and start running

5:59pm May 12 2015 —

10:31pm May 6 2015 — is an experiment in responsive web design. Very sirious!!1! (don’t miss the upper arrows to browse)

10:28pm May 6 2015 —

If you suck at SQL and want to suck less, is really, really, neat.

9:31pm May 4 2015 —

Integrating the New Google reCAPTCHA With YOURLS

4:01pm May 4 2015 —

Neat news of the day: Notepad++ FINALLY hits Github…

6:09am May 4 2015 —

The “Insert Link” dialog box in WP 4.2 is perfect, whhhhy the hell hasn’t this be the way it worked since ages?! Details. Nice work, guys!

9:53am May 2 2015 —

Got anything to do right now? Don’t click this then

8:30pm May 1 2015 —

RT @CalEvans: You know who will have almost no problems migrating to PHP 7? Those teams who have invested in unit tests.

9:16pm Apr 30 2015 —

PHP 5.2 share just dropped *below* 5.0% across all YOURLS installs.

4:07pm Apr 29 2015 —

RT @slobodanmanic: @kovshenin see what you did with your April 1 article? :)

9:55am Apr 29 2015 —

Fun: all Github emoji icons as separate commits…

5:09pm Apr 26 2015 —