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Reminder: You can go to to force the ugly but fast interface. For when gmail is dead slow. Like, tooooodaaaaaaaay

12:40pm Apr 18 2015 —

Last tweet + cdhere… = the win on Windows CLI environment

6:41am Apr 17 2015 —

I just realized you could use `explorer .` from the command line in a shell to open the current folder in a new window. Wow. Dude.

6:30am Apr 17 2015 —

Into YOURLS plugins? Here’s some yourls_add_filter() porn for you:…

2:03pm Apr 16 2015 —

Designing web pages where images and content fade in as you scroll down: please stahp.

7:44pm Apr 15 2015 —

RT @SaraJChipps: It’s 2015: open source your shit. No one wants to steal your stupid CRUD app. We just want to learn what works and what do…

9:16pm Apr 14 2015 —

Silly CLI is a PHP framework for CLI apps that seems to have a very simple and extensible syntax

7:54pm Apr 13 2015 —

“No word can describe the ingenuity and usefulness of this cable rack Ozh did this week-end”
— Albert Einstein

7:37pm Apr 12 2015 — – like Grunt or Gulp, but in PHP

4:09pm Apr 12 2015 —

@Gladyssouille Bon anniversaire de la part d’un fan envieux de tes bientôt 100K followers :) Et la bise à ta maman.

3:32pm Apr 12 2015 —

Note for myself and a billion others: Stop turning off CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER and fix your PHP config… It’s damn easy

7:23pm Apr 11 2015 —

If you like to locally check pull requests with “git pull –no-commit”, you may find this handy:

2:43pm Apr 11 2015 —

RT @Brilliant_Ads: Fiat: Drive Friendly

10:02am Apr 11 2015 —

RT @michaeltorbert: Update your WordPress plugins, or the terrorists win.…

7:35pm Apr 9 2015 —

“Unit tests fail when run in Australia” :)…

5:07pm Apr 8 2015 —

Best April’s Fool joke to day: protects their whole site with a “human verification test” for metalheads m/

12:18pm Apr 1 2015 —

New gTLD are going to confuse the hell out of some people (dot whatever?), but count on Google to make things easier

8:46am Apr 1 2015 —

Today’s last day of Melodic Death Metal March, an online event that was much fun to run! Thanks for everything, WP ;)

5:31pm Mar 31 2015 —

Jim Jefferies (Aussie comedian) on gun control in the US… Or, how to piss half an audience with points & humor :)

6:54pm Mar 27 2015 —

In 100 WP people to follow according to this list, there are 2 Brad Williams and 1 WebDeStudios. Get the message? :)…

12:09pm Mar 25 2015 —