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in reply to zulhhandyplast 5:39pm Apr 16 2014 #

@rfischmann indeed. I’ve added an issue so I don’t forget about this github.com/YOURLS/YOURLS/…

in reply to rfischmann 5:27pm Apr 16 2014 #

@pollyplummer Thanks for your kind words :)

in reply to pollyplummer 5:18pm Apr 16 2014 #

@rfischmann you sure it used to say something else? I don’t think that changed in years. Or you’re referring to a super old version?

in reply to rfischmann 5:17pm Apr 16 2014 #

@rfischmann don’t get what you mean

in reply to rfischmann 3:11pm Apr 16 2014 #

Archive your tweets with WordPress ozh.in/x8

1:46pm Apr 16 2014 #

@smashingmag amp-what.com is very neat too

in reply to smashingmag 11:03am Apr 16 2014 #

@mheberard @delbosc @kerguio rhââ mais, faut jamais demander si c’est fake quand c’est si drôle et si plausible, ça porte malheur.

in reply to mheberard 9:24am Apr 16 2014 #

@mheberard non, je voulais dire, j’ai retrouvée ma galoche. En effet, j’avais égaré ma chaussure. Ah qui je roulais une galoche. BRAIF.

in reply to mheberard 9:15am Apr 16 2014 #

@mheberard je t’ai déjà trouvée magaloche

in reply to mheberard 9:13am Apr 16 2014 #

@kerguio oh y’a Serge sur Twitter :) *click click scroll* oh y’a @mheberard sur Twitter :)

in reply to kerguio 9:11am Apr 16 2014 #

Fun *and* regexp, can’t not love that. regexcrossword.com

8:50am Apr 16 2014 #

in reply to ljasinskipl 8:09am Apr 16 2014 #

@Otto42 well to be fair spam is just about that, lots of pointless, 0.01% success :) Thanks for acting fast!

in reply to Otto42 7:55am Apr 16 2014 #

New kind of spam? via Trac, ffs. plugins.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2193 I hope this doesn’t become a trend cc @nacin @Otto42

7:52am Apr 16 2014 #

@EHER thanks for motivating me in the first place to update it :)

in reply to EHER 7:39am Apr 16 2014 #

RT @BoiteAWeb: @ozh Check your pocket, you got an Ace of Spades with its support demand on it ! WOW such magician very support.

7:48pm Apr 14 2014 #

@BoiteAWeb ahaha :) Là je répondrais :)

in reply to BoiteAWeb 7:47pm Apr 14 2014 #

@rfischmann in case you didn’t check the SMS you got while being nagged on IRC. Yeah, that guy :)

in reply to rfischmann 7:46pm Apr 14 2014 #

@wordnik xkcd.com/1179/ Sorry to ruin the fun :)

in reply to wordnik 7:45pm Apr 14 2014 #