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I’ll be a speaker at WordCamp Paris. Come and say hi :) #WCParis

8:15pm Dec 16 2014 —

RT @DreamHost: “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live” – Martin…

11:04pm Dec 12 2014 —

Best jumbotron ever – dude kills it on Bon Jovi :)…

6:54pm Dec 12 2014 —

Importing plugins from WP’s SVN to Github? Option 1: `git svn clone` in the shell: 8 hours. Option 2: Github’s SVN importer: 20s. D’oh.

8:55pm Dec 9 2014 —

RT @pippinsplugins: My answer to why I don’t actively fight piracy:…

6:27pm Dec 8 2014 —

Just found out about the Aura PHP project. Seems neat, tested & documented. Anyone having feedback about their libraries?

9:42pm Dec 7 2014 —

RT @johnbillion: My street has a planned power cut this Tuesday. I’m going to fuck with my neighbours by running my Christmas lights throug…

7:52pm Dec 7 2014 —

Things you don’t want to see when clicking “Confirm Order” after giving all payment details & card number: #magento

2:40pm Dec 5 2014 —

RT @JJJ: More code, more problems.

More fun, too.

9:38pm Dec 4 2014 —

In my tests, HTTPS is 40 to 200% slower than HTTP. Meh.

6:43pm Dec 4 2014 —

6:35pm Dec 4 2014 —

@joetek You’ll like this if you haven’t seen it already:… VFX breakdown of Quicksilver’s scene in XMen

5:08pm Dec 3 2014 —

What it takes to play in a metal band:…

9:52pm Dec 2 2014 —

@SketchyNotebook any update on the shipping date?

9:14pm Nov 30 2014 —

I was inspired by the talks yesterday at #WPTechNantes… so I just submitted a talk proposal for WordCamp Paris 2015 :)

9:09pm Nov 30 2014 —

#WPTechNantes was awesome and packed. Best moments: signing worn out, used to the bone, dog eared Professional WordPress Plugin Dev books :)

11:48pm Nov 29 2014 —

Pour un menu admin horizontal, il y a aussi l’excellent plugin Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu ;-) #WPTechNantes

2:12pm Nov 29 2014 —

#WPTechNantes — en route!

7:06am Nov 29 2014 —

Just sayin’, but now is a perfect time to get yourself a neat Git tshirt for Christmas and increase your Git fu.…

9:31pm Nov 28 2014 —

@Christophe_Co tiens, pour ta culture, collec, et prochaine idée de voyage professionnel:…

8:54pm Nov 28 2014 —