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@digitick Hello Digitick, c’est quand que votre site passe en HTTPS? Pas très sérieux…. et tellement facile à cor…

7:35pm Jul 5 2017 —

Those little scumbag vandals. Writing “PENIS” all over the walls.

11:04pm Jul 2 2017 —

@hellfestopenair De retour du @DownloadFestFR, orga impec, zéro queue nulle part, j’espère que cette année la Cathédrale sera plus rapide :)

1:59pm Jun 12 2017 —

@Support Case 58760934 closed but NOT resolved.

10:44pm Jun 7 2017 —

Twilio resets all password that don’t meet their security policy. How is this possible without storing passwords as plain texts?

9:26pm Jun 1 2017 —

@Support Hello, case#58760934 opened 5 days ago, have not heard from you, lost my account during a username exchange with a corp. Plz help.

9:18pm May 23 2017 —

@SupportRequests Hello, I opened case 58760934 to hand over twitter handle of mine to a company, but now I’ve lost my account. Please help.

11:00pm May 19 2017 —

YOURLS showcase:, very fine layout, a really cool use case!

6:27pm May 19 2017 —

Not to brag or anything, but McLaren use YOURLS for their branded short URLs ;)

6:41pm May 1 2017 —

RT @yourls: YOURLS 1.7.2

6:25pm May 1 2017 —

@jakeasmith Hi Jake, could you have a look at my PR when you have a chance?… thanks :)

9:48pm Apr 30 2017 —

Amazingly enough, it seems that no one has registered yet 💩.com …

11:24am Apr 24 2017 —

Neat: GitPitch turns simple markdown files on Github into full-fledged slideshows. Example:…

10:09am Apr 23 2017 —

curl -f -s | sed s/.*”message”:”//g | sed s/”,”.*//g #json2shell #cheapfortune

11:05pm Apr 22 2017 —

Unicode homograph attack:… (or “why IDN domains are teh suck”)

12:54pm Apr 16 2017 —

@aaronjorbin Hi Aaron, noticed your unit tests on… force phpunit to version 5.7, but cannot figure how you did this?

10:59am Apr 15 2017 —

Just found out about unit testing in Laravel, mind blown: $this->visit(‘/’)->click(‘About’)->seePageIs(‘/about’), wow, so convenient!

5:43pm Apr 13 2017 —

RT @slyphon: c’mon now, i hear you’re feelin’ down

4:23pm Apr 13 2017 —

12:10pm Apr 13 2017 —

Support questions. Straight to the point, because “hello”, “thank you” and all those useless words are soooo web 1.0

5:49pm Apr 2 2017 —