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Typical coding: 1 editor, 2 shell windows, 1 winamp, and, wait, 56 tabs open on random lyrics sites because that one song is just so awesome

3:43pm Oct 24 2014 —

If you have some friends running Drupal, tell them they’re SQL injectable and should update ASAP…

9:01pm Oct 15 2014 —

Selling: iPod Classic 160, slightly mutilated by the screwdriver I used to stab it when the fucker didn’t want to show up on device list.

7:33pm Oct 15 2014 —

What does the SSD my main computer boots on and James Brown have in common? Answer:…

4:44pm Oct 15 2014 —

Religion is like a penis

5:11pm Oct 12 2014 —

@levelsio awesome idea with gifbook but why no Paypal? :sadpanda:

3:09pm Oct 12 2014 —

There’s a tech event about WP in my town, with a truly amazing schedule. How about you sponsor it? From 150€

4:32pm Oct 8 2014 —

@hellfestopenair peut-être un peu en retard sur les suggestions pour la Altar mais……

12:10pm Oct 8 2014 —

RT @TheFalconer: This is the best headline you’ll read today.

5:51pm Oct 3 2014 —

Public Service Announcement: on an iPad 2, *don’t* upgrade to iOS 8. Makes the whole device sluggish to the point it’s unusable.

5:20pm Sep 28 2014 —

Updated the wife’s iPad to iOS8. So far, best new feature is adding 3rd party keyboard. Like, the one I’ve had on my Android for 3 years.

1:24pm Sep 28 2014 —

If you’re a nerd, a spy, or a nerd spy, and would like a invite, I might be able to help. Shoot me an email.

7:00pm Sep 25 2014 —

12:06pm Sep 24 2014 —

RT @benjammingh: JSON is fine for config files, if you don’t want to comment your config file. Which is a way saying, it isn’t fine for con…

2:06pm Sep 20 2014 —

FWIW, TwitPic silently implemented the “export your photo” feature.… and scroll down.

6:17am Sep 19 2014 —

So, Scotland… yes? no? pull the prank? chicken out?

9:12pm Sep 18 2014 —

I guess is some sort of an accessible “what is my IP” tool for the visually impaired…

4:39pm Sep 14 2014 —

WordPress plugin banner as a .PSD

4:17pm Sep 14 2014 —

RT @jacobbockelmann: @yourls is the most incredible link shortener. After playing w/ it I don’t understand how or why anyone could pay for …

11:13pm Sep 13 2014 —

After 3 hours of non stop listening, my 10 yo son is positive: @MANOWAR Warriors of the World is the best song ever.…

10:08am Sep 13 2014 —