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@1xBet_Eng you know that “sponsoring” pirated movies is *literally* the WORST PR you can make, right? 🤣🤣

8:04pm Jun 11 2021 —

@startme Hello there, I’m trying to get in touch with someone about the domain, which redir…

3:46pm Jun 8 2021 —

@yourlscom hello, I’d like to get in touch with you about the domain, thanks in advance :)

3:24pm Jun 8 2021 —

@github hey Github, it seems that anyone can edit any page in any wikis (at least, I can) – probably not the expected behavior

3:01pm May 25 2021 —

@matheusbrat hey there, I noticed has been returning errors for long now : is the site dead…

9:46am May 2 2021 —

People who code stuff for YOURLS : if YOURLS had support for custom themes, would you prefer it with:
1) templates,…

6:45pm Apr 29 2021 —

@oxtorrent sympa la pub qui bloque les boutons “télécharger/magnet link” et les remplace par un popup “vous devez créer un compte VPN”…. 🤬

8:11pm Mar 19 2021 —

YOURLS 1.8.1 available – tell the world !

7:24pm Mar 6 2021 —

It just crossed my mind that YOURLS has never received yet a donation in cryptocurrency…. Just sayin’ ;)

8:00pm Mar 5 2021 —

4:59pm Feb 22 2021 —

@materielnet Hello, Kobo Clara 20% plus cher chez vous que chez Fnac ou Darty… Que diriez…

1:36pm Nov 29 2020 —

@jakeasmith I’m an active user of jakeasmith/http_build_url (used in There are a couple u…

9:50pm Nov 15 2020 —

In my evolved and democratic country, everybody votes directly for the next President (no voting for a guy voting f…

11:54am Nov 7 2020 —

@hacktoberfest Is this kind of repo OK with you guys?… I’m sure you don’t want to enter an e…

3:10pm Oct 31 2020 —

Quarantine effect: a couple months ago, my 15 yo son started creating music. Today he uploaded his first tracks on…

4:10pm Oct 27 2020 —

@SCsupport Hi, opened a ticket 12 days to get my soundcloud account back — not heard from you since. Can you help?…

10:44pm Oct 15 2020 —

Handy tip of the day: (or and (or…

5:47pm Oct 10 2020 —

It’s 2020 and I still cannot delete a directory because there is a Thumbs.db in there.

6:00pm Oct 3 2020 —

RT @johnbillion: I updated my documentation on the emails that get sent out by WordPress. There’s a couple of new ones for 5.5. Retweet if…

2:29pm Aug 13 2020 —

Github’s new design makes me squint my eyes to actually see where the light grey lines are. Tiring.

7:09pm Jun 27 2020 —