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RT @DerpPress: WordPress Dot Com to go dark after revelations of non-GPL software on their core routers surfaced.

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@tomslominski totally, oops. Thanks for pointing that, I’ll fix

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@Diftraku never :)

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My site uses jQueryUI 1.10, suggests I update to 1.9 … Natural order Microsoft, ever heard of that?

6:36pm Jan 31 2013 —

Entire Gangnam Style video drawn by hand. One of those Oô holyshit moments on the internets…

7:17am Jan 31 2013 —

I’ve updated my “portfolio” site at with some useless JS fancyness weeeeeee

8:12pm Jan 30 2013 —

@wpcanada Oops, indeed. Even the API is deprecated.

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@noeltock what? Not even using Google Maps so you can zoom in? Pfffft! :)

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Fun: the JSON license says “the software shall be used for Good, not Evil”. That restriction makes it GPL incompatible…

1:09pm Jan 30 2013 —

@swissspidy Oh, OK, misunderstood your sentence “ranked by the number of downloads”.

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@swissspidy fun stuff your Plugin Periodic Table :) But it’s not 108 “most downloaded”, it’s “most popular according to their lame algo” :)

8:25pm Jan 29 2013 —

The definitive post about favicons: ico, png, browser support, HiDPI, everything.… Must bookmark.

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RT @DerpPress: We’ll never make any Headway in these GPL debates unless we get at the Genesis of the problem. We’ve got a Thesis regardi …

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@calvind search the wiki docs

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Funny :) & interesting: shows that Amazon pages are a fucking unreadable mess. RT @josephscott: Amazon inspired résumé

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RT @Krogsgard: Incredibly thoughtful comment on @post_status from Mashable tech editor @film_girl.…

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@leemailme Hi, signed up months ago for an invite but never got one… Is the service launched?

8:50pm Jan 27 2013 —

Hey @dreamhost, it would be double extra neat if your API could create email addresses (not users, just emails)

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