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How nice. My bank sent me a printed report with only one line: “Printed report fees: 2€”. I wonder if it’s worth the recursive humor.

9:34pm May 31 2012 —

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I don’t get why and how it took months to smart ass folks at Twitter to understand that hashbangs #! URLs suck big time…

7:42pm May 30 2012 —

@Opodo_FR Cde Opodo 0014353477 – vol Santa Cruz -> Buenos Aires avec Aerosur qui est en faillite : comment fait-on? vol assuré? autre vol?

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@Opodo_FR Demande d’info par mail dimanche: pas de réponse. Appel aujourd’hui au tel: accueil désagréable et tjrs pas de réponse. NUL !!

9:39am May 30 2012 —

Watched tonight: Whip It, a movie about Roller Derby. Realized afterwards: this sport exists for real. OMG #girls #pantyhose #deathnicknames

9:32pm May 29 2012 —

@LifeLikeTweetz2 Dude, you’re sofa king we todd did…

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OMG :) the Zombie Apocalypse is really happening! Naked man eats another man, gets shot, continues to eat

8:41pm May 27 2012 —

@EricMann submit that one to clientsfromhell :)

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A user emails for support because he doesn’t understand how to generate an md5 hash. Irony: his avatar is the hacker emblem (the glider)

10:30pm May 25 2012 —

@Trem_r la preview de ton tweet marquait et j’étais assez émoustillé d’avance. Du coup, déçu.

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@mattonomics Santé can’t be bad when you drink good stuff ;) Cheers!

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@markjaquith biased and untrue, but funny nonetheless

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And this, my friends, was the closing of a quite memorable wine tasting session

9:54pm May 22 2012 —

@neocotic @breakall Is it a patch I already committed to trunk? I’m a few tickets late…

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Someone please port this to SVN:

8:11am May 19 2012 —

@Trem_r du coup si tu peux décaler de 3h chaque semaine par exemple, en 2 mois tu ECONOMISES un caca. Trop cool gain de temps.

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@Si it’s a standard feature in any YOURLS install

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@pgrytdal I don’t think so… Twitter’s long expressed that every link tweeted will go through

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