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Just finished Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card It’s Ender’s Game with a different POV. Soooo awesome.

12:15pm Mar 31 2010 —

@carlhancock jokes and dolphins aside, a subscription is more relevant for this service (bandwith, server space costs) than a buy-once fee

in reply to carlhancock — 10:23pm Mar 30 2010 —

@carlhancock used @wptavern’s link. I know you love me Jeffro! ;)

in reply to carlhancock — 7:54pm Mar 30 2010 —

@williamsba I’ve been thinking a lot about your (hot) proposal. I’m on a business trip right now but will mail you questions when I’m back:)

in reply to williamsba — 7:41pm Mar 30 2010 —

Thanks to everyone for feedback, I’ll go with Gravity Forms (plus, they use YOURLS at :) Anyone want me to use their aff link? :)

7:28pm Mar 30 2010 —

TDO Miniforms vs Gravity Forms: anyone has thoughts, beside price?

7:06pm Mar 30 2010 —

@Christophe_Co quoi, tu savais pas que la coolitude d’une personne se mesure à la courtitude de son pseudo? :)

in reply to Christophe_Co — 4:13pm Mar 30 2010 —

I find it totally incredible that there is not a simple “IP” data type in MySQL. So many hacks! (using inet_aton, inet_pton, 2 BIGINT, …)

3:36pm Mar 30 2010 —

@kenny oh, yeah, totally forgot I tagged one release here. As of today, trunk == 1.4.3, I’ll tag it. Thanks for reminding me :)

in reply to kenny — 2:46pm Mar 30 2010 —

What I’ve learned today: MySQL datetime vs timestamp and which to pick Thanks @FrederickDing :)

2:42pm Mar 30 2010 —

@kenny I don’t get it. Latest download file is 1.4.3.

in reply to kenny — 6:26am Mar 30 2010 —

@yuletide yep, in the browser, with only a 5 MB plugin (and while you create your profile it downloads stuff in the background)

in reply to yuletide — 6:26am Mar 30 2010 —

@yuletide nah, Quakelive now :)

in reply to yuletide — 8:14pm Mar 29 2010 —

Back from my offline skiing vacations! Options now: 1) catch up with mails 2) finish my Orson Scott Card book 3) Play Quake. Hmm…

7:31pm Mar 29 2010 —

@redwall_hp wow, memories. Myst was so awesome :)

in reply to redwall_hp — 11:35pm Mar 28 2010 —

@white_shadow pretty good movie indeed

in reply to white_shadow — 11:22pm Mar 28 2010 —

@medpiano Thanks for the clarification. I guess I didn’t really noticed till today :)

in reply to medpiano — 10:52pm Mar 19 2010 —

I hate MySQL. “SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT field)” works but “SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT field)” (space after COUNT) borks. Seriously, ffs, geez.

10:04pm Mar 19 2010 —

@LEMONed yeah: “in” = 2 letters, “㏌” = 1 letter. Save space in tweets! Check here Does it display weird?

in reply to LEMONed — 10:01pm Mar 19 2010 —

Faster SVN host㏌g @ Google Code Cool,but everyth㏌g is broken,can’t update or commit and Wiki pages go Error 502…

9:14pm Mar 19 2010 —