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Scribu: “No support on Twitter” I share this POV (I mention to people asking for YOURLS help)

9:49pm Feb 28 2011 —

@JohnPBloch @_mfields can’t wait for 32bits avatars now :)

in reply to JohnPBloch — 7:15pm Feb 28 2011 —

@JohnPBloch It’s made so you waste 3 minutes creating a fun avatar while sipping a glass of wine I guess :)

in reply to JohnPBloch — 7:04pm Feb 28 2011 —

Fun. Just made an @EightBit character. Check out my profile

6:51pm Feb 28 2011 —

My 6yo kid and his nanny found her cat after it been run over by a car. Nanny: “;( don’t look, sweety”. Kid: “It’s OK, I like awful things.”

3:06pm Feb 28 2011 —

lolol. is a jQuery plugin that reveals more nudity as the password gets stronger (totally SFW)

9:53pm Feb 27 2011 —

@markjaquith what was your income thanks to WP in 2010?

in reply to markjaquith — 8:19pm Feb 27 2011 —

“Hire me, or @ryanr14 trying to get hired with the help of Reddit & Twitter. Fun idea at least :)

5:40pm Feb 25 2011 —

@dannygsmith we can’t wait too! ;)

in reply to dannygsmith — 5:24pm Feb 25 2011 —

@itsananderson sounds weird. You sure? what if you change parent afterwards?

in reply to itsananderson — 5:18pm Feb 25 2011 —

So, #plugindevbook is available in PDF. Want to know more? Overview, details and TOC

4:40pm Feb 25 2011 —

Me, fixing a hacked shared hosting account, then and now: Used to freak out, now don’t even raise an eyebrow.

4:22pm Feb 25 2011 —

@glennansley I completely failed at getting data from day 1 (3.1 release) to make a nice graph :)

in reply to glennansley — 12:52pm Feb 25 2011 —

I hope someone is making a nice graph with WordPress’ download counter.

10:53am Feb 25 2011 —

We approve :) RT @themergency I just bought the WP Plugin ebook. Need to read!! I think a sick day is in order :D

8:51am Feb 25 2011 —

OMG. RT @wrox: congrats @williamsba @ozh @justintadlock Professional WordPress Plugin Development ebook available Now!

10:51pm Feb 24 2011 —

@dinicmilan I think so, but this also prevents caching & having CDN/balancing for static images

in reply to dinicmilan — 4:17pm Feb 24 2011 —

RT @petemall Own your data and migrate from Tumblr to WordPress using this tool I created for

4:14pm Feb 24 2011 —

3:25pm Feb 24 2011 —

@echofon any plans to support custom shorteners?

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